Sensitive | Fumikage Tokoyami

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In the famous UA, the third year Tokoyami from the hero course had a secret boyfriend. Everyone knew about the other's lover, but no one knew exactly who it was.

See,Tokoyami's boyfriend had the unique ability to shapeshift, and therefore nobody could pinpoint exactly who the boy was.

They had seen a brunette, a redhead, even a boy with hair as pink as Mina's... occasionally they would even see a girl. But despite knowing the boy's power, it was like he was invisible. No one knew who he was, or who he really was, only the people he mimicked.

The bird headed boy went to a classroom on the seventh floor. It was a private meeting place for the pair, a place where he encouraged [Y/n] to drop his quirk and be himself.

The demonic looking form would scare most, but with darkshadow, there wasn't much that scared Fumikage.

The harsh [E/c] eyes stood out against the black silhouette. The body of the figure was quite whispy, though provided sensation when touched. It was weird, Tokoyami could easily put his hand through the boy's chest, yet still feel the warmth of a body and the sensation of touching something despite nothing actually being there.

An echoing chuckle sounded throughout the room, a sensation was felt on the feathers of the bird boy's cheek, and he realised that he had been kissed.

"Can you change? I want to hug you." Tokoyami asked, he always felt a little nervous asking his love to change form, not wanting the boy to feel as though he only liked him for his ability to change looks.

A [H/c] haired boy replaced the misty form, tired [E/c] eyes gazing lovingly at the other boy. [Y/n] never had a problem changing form for his lover, he knew that the boy lived him for himself, and not the many faces he had the ability to portray.

Arms encased the shorter boy, hands running over the feathers of his head. Something that always peeved Fumikage a little was that the shape-shifting boy was actually shorter than him, yet he always took on forms taller. The dark haired boy sighed in contentness as a chin rested atop his head.

"You're such a cuddle bug today Fu, what's up?" Despite the form, the boy's voice was still quite echoey, as though it was coning from his vocal cords. It was weird, he didn't really have to open his mouth to talk.

"Shut-up." The smaller teen leant into the boy further, wrapping his arms around his waist. "I just missed you is all."

They stayed like that for a few moments, before Tokoyami pulled back.

"Can you make your natural form more solid?" He watched as his love's form exploded into a mist, before recollecting itself closer together. He placed his hand on the boy's chest, making a happy noise when he found his hand didn't pass through him. In an uncharacteristically excited fashion, he ran his hands over the demonic figures arms, laughing a little as the mist-matter shivered at the sensation. "Sensitive?"


"What? It's cute." Tokoyami chuckled, continuing to tease the boy. A small growl emitted from around the room, and his boyfriend's form exploded. The mist encased him and his sides and neck were assaulted with a ticklish sensation.

"Stop! I'm sorry! S-stop!" He exclaims, giggling as he trys to swat the mist away.

"Whose sensitive? Who?" The voice echoes in a playful tone, a laugh following as the feathered boy surrenders. [Y/n] retaking a solidified form with a smile.

"You're an ass!" Tokoyami yelled, a smile present on his face.

"Yeah, yeah, I love you too."

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