If Only | Hitoshi Shinsou [2/2]

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Other: Villian to hero au


"Shin I-"

"Save it, [M/n]. I don't want to hear your excuses."

He slammed the door in my face as the tears started to fall. The small whisper being the only thing to leave my lips.

"...But I love you..."

Weeks past and the purple haired boy still ignored you.

It made you sick.

Villainy was no longer the same, it was no longer an amusement to you, it risked you losing someone dear to you and you hated that.

You hated that part of yourself.

You hated that he hated you. And It was all your fault.

Just because Stains Beliefs are those of your own you never considered how that would effect Hitoshi.

He wanted to be a Hero more than anything and you were out to rid the world of them.

Hell, you even encouraged him to live his dreams. Could you even consider yourself a member of Stains Belief anymore?

No. You can't.

Though you couldn't remain idle, you had to be an active participant in society. It was just your nature to fight for change.

You began to get better, using your quirk to help others speak when they think they can't.

You used your abilities to fight for injustice, you weren't a hero, but you weren't a bystander either. You spoke out for the ignored and became a public figure, a vigilante of sorts.

People called you [H/n].

So now you found yourself on a familiar doorstep.

The same doorstep where two hearts were broken by your hands.

You hesitated before knocking.

Would he forgive you?

Your therapist said this would be good for you.

He was the only person to ever truly know you too.

Three firm knocks on the door sounded before you could over think any further.

A short man with purple hair answered the door. His hair sagged over his eyes, which were rimmed with dangerously black eye bags. He smelt of cigarettes, and a slight waft of mint due to a red toothbrush hung out of his mouth and the rest of the house shockingly smelt like a bar, the strong sent of alcohol having hit me as soon as the door had opened.

"E-er I'm looking for Hitsohi?" I ask unsure, trying to look for the boy in the background.

"I'm right here, [M/n]. What do you want." Shock was the only thing I could feel. Sure this guy standing before me had similar features to my Hitoshi, but he looked unhealthy and a lot older than he is.

"Oh my god, Hitoshi, what-"

"Don't." He glared, taking the brush from his mouth to speak properly. "I think you can guess what happened. And I don't need your pity or your judgement."

I was taken aback by how harsh he was acting, he seemed as though he was suffering a hangover, which could only justify so much of his behaviour.

"I- well... why?" I sigh, struggling over the many questions that littered my brain.

He looked at me with the most incredulous gaze, his eyebrows furrowing and lips parting in a sneer. He huffed, turning around and walking back into his house, acting as though I was some kind of idiot.

I scrunched my face in irritation, following behind him, watching as he sat down on the couch and went back to watching tv.

"So you are just not going to answer me now?"

"What do you want to hear, [Y/n]? That I loved you and finding out that you were a villain hit me hard? Cause yeah, it did." He snarls, not looking my way as he dumps the toothbrush on the coffee table, washing down the toothpaste with a drink from the coffee table. A stinging smell in my nose indicates that it was vodka.

"I- wait, you love me?" Pausing from my action to reprimand him upon realising what he had said. The flutter of hope arises in my chest, the same flutter I had tried to block out on my road to redemption, the same flutter that led me back to him every time.

"Loved." He growls, venom in his voice. Though his violet eyes held regret, sorrow evident despite his attempts to look angry.

I sighed, sitting down on the couch next to him. He tenses at my proximity, completely freezing up when I place my hand over his.

"I don't think you ever stopped... I know I didn't." I said, barely above a whisper. His stiff posture slumped, the bottle in his hand falling through his fingers, his face contorting in sadness.

My heart ached as tears sprung to his eyes, I must've really hurt him, I didn't know he cared this much, and the alcohol is probably only intensifying his feelings at the moment. His hands formed fists and rested in front of his eyes, rubbing furiously trying to stop the tears that were already cascading down his cheeks.

I softly push his shoulder, making him fall into me. My arms wrapping around his shoulders as tears sprung to my own [E/c] eyes. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." I whispered, my voice becoming like a broken record. Cracking every other word, stupidly repeating the same line over and over.

His sobs are heavy against my chest, his voice small and gurgled as he speaks through the tears. "I know..." Uneven breaths shake his shoulders, his hands now tightly gripping on my shirt. "I am too."

I feel sickkkkkk
But at least they made up

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