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Back into the spider verse 🕷🕸🕷 miles morales x reader ff by RemedyforABrokenMind
Back into the spider verse 🕷🕸🕷 💙BrokenWings💙
When the spider verse is opened up again and more spiders from way different universes pop in will miles get to meet some new spiders he never knew that came from his un...
  • intothespiderverse
  • smutwarning
  • avengers
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My Hero Academia Quirk Ideas by _Queen__Vee_
My Hero Academia Quirk Ideasby Lucifire
Just some ideas about mha fan quirks i thought of and some i got inspired by :3 Reached #11 in ideabooks! Thank you so much! Reached #2 in ideabooks! You guys are truly...
  • quirks
  • ideas
  • bnha
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The Boy who is the devil  himself by Phantomxx0
The Boy who is the devil himselfby Phantom reaper
in this story what happens if izuku midoriya was born with a quirks but what if I told you this quirk is a demonic quirk this quirk will change izuku midoriya's life fo...
  • psychological
  • izuku
  • anime
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Rage= A Star Wars Story by DarthIgnis
Rage= A Star Wars Storyby DarthIgnis
Young boy gets left behind and is discovered by the sith learn what happens next
  • revenge
  • villians
  • evil
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Contest and Challenge Entries by ThornoftheRose26
Contest and Challenge Entriesby Rosethorn
The is a book of stories created for contest/challanges/prompt purposes. Most will only be one chapter long unless specified otherwise on the chapter.
  • heroacademy
  • lgbtq
  • heros
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The Wishing Well by Avey28
The Wishing Wellby Avery Calvert
Olivia McPherson thought she was a normal teenager until Gabby Gonzalez showed up at her school and told her the truth-- that she's a witch. Now Olivia, Gabby, Daniel, a...
  • romance
  • war
  • monsters
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The Descendants by AlexisIsle
The Descendantsby Alexis Isle
Tick tock goes the clock in a mindless world. Where will anyone end up in a timeless Chaos? Fall deep my friends for this adventure goes on until the end.
  • romance
  • magic
  • friendship
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Electra by Hedwigsnow
Electraby Rue Miracle
It is I, Amea Morgans. I know what you're thinking. 'What's so special about an orphan? Especially you?' Well, there's lots of things special about me. But let me tell y...
  • evil
  • villians
  • evilvsgood
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Hidden Hero  by Possum0130
Hidden Hero by Possum0130
A teenage boy struggles with managing life in high school and being a super hero. A girl wants to know her boyfriends secrets.
  • villians
  • secrecy
  • romance
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Let's Go Catch a Spider by DarthHux
Let's Go Catch a Spiderby Darthhux
Following the events of the Amazing Spider-Man 2, Felicia Hardy often finds herself at the Ravencroft Institute visiting one of their most notorious patients, Harry Osbo...
  • comics
  • blackcat
  • felicityjones
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Heroes by TheNerdyDoughnut
Heroesby Doughnut Queen
(I am aware I spelled heroes wrong in the cover, but I am not going to fix It) Shes completely normal. Almost.
  • villians
  • flying
  • superhero
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Selection Fairy Tale RP by HereIStandForever
Selection Fairy Tale RPby ~Ever~
{Note: Guards and Rebels have a major role in this role play, so if you'd like to join feel free ^-^} Once upon a time, in a land far far away. There rested a kingdom. A...
  • fairy
  • selectionrp
  • monsters
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If DC Comics characters had Facebook by extrasavage
If DC Comics characters had Extra savage
May be stupid but it is about them all finding out about Facebook.
  • facebook
  • villians
  • superheroes
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Bras, I Guess?: Naruto/ YJ by Akuma-Kyoki
Bras, I Guess?: Naruto/ YJby Akuma-Kyoki
Naruto x Young Justice After the 4th shinobi war leading to the genocide of most of the Elemental Nations, Shikamaru Lee and Naruto get transported to Metropolis with s...
  • heroes
  • orphans
  • strongteam
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Ages of War by smartkittynerd1
Ages of Warby smartkittynerd1
Runa is the Daughter of Mischief and Tore is the Son of Thunder. These two were born to fight each other. But will they do as their fathers please or find a new way?
  • action
  • thor
  • sad
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The Charm Necklace by Princess_Dragonz
The Charm Necklaceby BluePrincess Luna
Drea is an orphan fairy who was adopted by the Great Grand Witch, Peacher. It was Drea's 19th birthday and on every fairy's 19th birthday he/she gets his/her first missi...
  • fairies
  • charm
  • humans
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School Life by Zenosan
School Lifeby Zenosan
Anime's greatest Heroes and Villains has to experience life in High school with out killing each other at all
  • dbz
  • fma
  • beyblade
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My Hero Academia Randoms by kirishimah
My Hero Academia Randomsby #1 KIRISHIMA STAN
  • tomura
  • bakugo
  • dabi
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Spiderman orgins { VERY SLOW UPDATES} by PK__Ness
Spiderman orgins { VERY SLOW Ness
Peter Parker has a tough life in his high school. But one trip to OSCORP changed it all. Now the Web slinger has Spider powers. Will Peter use his powers for his own gre...
  • spiderman
  • orgins
  • action
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