Our Hero | Himiko Toga, Tomura Shigaraki, Touya Todoroki

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Genre: ❤️

Warnings: Au where Dabi, Shiggy and Toga are hero students / Not doing the quirk cause it seemed noncey / quirk instead can cancel out others quirks


[Y/n] [L/n] is a transfer student to the third year class of UA. He is widely known around the school for doing two of the most prestigious courses in the school, working in the support course and the hero course, to everyone he seems to breeze by all the extra work without much trouble.

But to three students, he was amazing. These three practising heroes wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the boy and his natural heroism. Or his compassion in finding them homes when they had nowhere else to go.

When Shigaraki had accidentally killed his parents, he thought he had no one, nothing. But then one day, a boy, his own age found him in a park. The blue haired boy was dishevelled and traumatised, yet the young [H/c] haired boy didn't seem to mind the homeless child's off-putting appearance. He had comforted him, and talked for hours before dragging him back to his home where he made sure Tomura was fed.

The group home that he lived in didn't seem to notice the appearance of another child, and although it wasn't the best, it was a roof over his head and he was grateful.

He remembered when they had been introduced to Toya, or Dabi now. It was at least three years since the Tomura and [Y/n] had met. They had becone incredibly close, especially since Tomura found he could actually touch [Y/n] without killing him, after everything he had been through, it was reassuring that someone didn't him as all bad. They had been out walking through a wooden area, trying to find cool things to decorate their room, when all of a sudden the seven year old grabbed his hand and dragged him through the woods. They came across another boy in a small clearing, he seemed quite badly burnt, but altogether still alive.

Shiggy was astonished at [Y/n]'s kindness, standing by as he watched the boy carry the younger back to their home.

It was a few weeks before the boy awoke again, given his two saviours and the staff an obviously fake name. He was initially quite skeptical at joining the duo, but eventually he came round.

And then finally, a few months after Dabi had fully recovered, Toga bounced into their lives. She didn't need saving, not as much as the others, but she was grateful for the friends.

But that was years ago.

And now, Shiggy and [Y/n] were third years at UA, soon to graduate, whilst Dabi and Toga were second years. Initially the three had been hesitant to follow their saviour into the hero course. Dabi still was a little skittish, nearing their graduation, but he kept going.

"So you two are gonna be bigshot heroes when you graduate? Know what agency you're graduating with?" Toga was half way leaning over the lunch table, gawking at the two third years ahead of her.

Shigaraki shrugged looking over to the boy next to him. "I'll probably just go with [Y/n], or Eraserhead's agency, he's so cool!"

"Such a fan boy." Dabi shook his head, smirking at Tomura, the boy ending up throwing half disintegrated chips at him.

"I haven't really thought about it, but yeah, maybe Eraserhead." [Y/n] smiled, watching the two boys bicker with Toga. "What about you? Thought anymore about it?"

"I'm more worried about the next sports festival, I'm not really too good at them." She shrugged, catching the attention of the other two. Dabi throwing an arm around her, and into a reassuring side hug.

"You'll be fine, you'll have me there with you." He grumbled, though she scoffed at this, knowing he had placed quite highly in their first year.

"Yeah and we'll be cheering you on!" Tomura spoke up, slapping a hand onto [Y/n]'s shoulder and shaking it a little, causing the other to laugh as he agreed.

"We'll always be here for you guys."

"Our hero." Dabi smirked at the eldest, shoving his tongue past his lips.

"Forever and always." He stuck his tongue out back, causing Toga to laugh.

"I love you dorks." She smiled, grabbing [Y/n]'s from across the table. The boy's all smiled at her, saying their 'I love yous' to the girl with an infectious smile.

authors note: ik my recent shots have been a little short, but I'm losing motivation for certain fandoms. I changed this up a bit but I'll make a part 2

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