Hotter | Katsuki Bakugou

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Warnings: sweat kink / horny teens / naked men


It was widely known that throughout Class 1-A, Bakugou was insanely warm at all times. Everyone had figured out that his quirk elevated his natural body temperature when he was questioned about it after the class discovered a similar thing with Todoroki.

They had noticed it more when he was angry or overly emotional, cause his temperature would rise drastically and change the humidity of any room he was in.

So when a 'friend' of Bakugou's started frequenting the 1-A dorms, it was very noticeable that something was up. It was  like a desert in the dorms despite the world class A-C.

When the class finally could bear the heat no longer, they had stormed Bakugou's dorm room and demanded an explanation, only to be surprised with the two on his bed making out.

After that day they had found out that his friend was actually his boyfriend from class 2-A, [Y/n] [L/n]. And with some promoting from Midoriya, the class had found out that their senpai had a Lava quirk, where Lava replaced blood within his body.

Unfortunately for them this meant that [L/n] also had an abnormally high body temperature, and the couple together were more powerful than the heating systems in U.A accommodation.

Thus leading to today, when [Y/n] was walking around Katsuki's room, fully naked, after being shouted at through the door to open the balcony for ventilation.

"Come back to bed... [Y/n]..... you promised to cuddle me.." The younger male whined, already sleepy from the excessive heat. You smile, crawling back into the heat pit that is his bed.

"Nuuu~ don't go to sleep yet~" You whine in his ear, slipping your arm around his naked body and pulling him close, your erection prodding into his thigh.

He groaned a little as you grinned a bit.

"You're so fucking horny," He grumbles, waking up a little more. "It's too fucking warm... I'm not in the mood."

"You really gonna leave me high and dry?"

"I don't care what you do, just don't stick it in me."

You turn over onto your back, you didn't understand why he would complain at the heat but keep the covers on his bed. You throw the covers halfway down you, letting out a huff as your erection is still covered, leaving a very obvious tent in the sheets.

Katsuki rolls his eyes at your behaviour, he takes a hand towel and uses it to begin pumping your dick.

"Ow, ow... Jesus ow!" You jump sitting up, grabbing his hand away from your dick. "Felt like fucking carpet burn, whole reason why I'm gay."

He giggles at that, sitting up with you, now half awake. "I can't give you a normal handjob cause its too hot and it'll set off my quirk... guess you'll have to suffer loser."

He flops back down against the bed, laying on his stomach this time.

"Wha- hey wait a damn minute-" You rip the covers off him, making him let out a whimper, turning you on more. Staring down, you could see the outline of his body, his built back, small waist with the back dimples, and of course his built thighs. Looking at the milky soft skin just below his plump arse, an idea formed in your head. You took your index finger, slipping it in between his thighs, his sweat acting as a lube almost. He yelps at the feeling, turning to glare at you. You laugh at his flustered face, feeling the temperature rise, the feeling of sweat starting to trickle down your back only adding to your hard on. "Why don't I...just.... fuck ya thighs~?"

He looks away from you, contemplating the idea, by now he can feel his own dick beginning to rise. "... fine."

You grinned as he layed back down, propping his chest up a bit, you situate yourself just above his knees, grabbing the headboard and lining yourself up with his thighs. You push yourself in between his thighs, groaning instantly at how he tenses them together. You start to pick up the paces, the slicked sweat making it all the more easier.

"Higher!" You were surprised at the demand coming from your blonde lover, looking down, seeing his red shoulders and ears, his raised arse. You follow his command, fucking higher up, you could feel how when you bottomed against his thighs your dick rubbed up the underside of his balls and hardened cock.

"S-shit.." He moans out from under you, gripping the sheets, burning them slightly.

"Me too, baby!" With a few more thrusts, he came squeezing his thighs together and practically forcing you to cum as well. The two of you were lucky enough that the mess ended up on the bed. You rolled back over onto your side.

"I'm not sleeping in this, it's sticky!"

"Cause its hot!"

"Switch sides!"

"Fuck no!"

Then fuck you I'm sleeping on you!"



Katsuki flops himself onto his boyfriend, hoping to hurt him for messing up his bed with his horniness.

"Now I'm gonna have to wash the sheets."

"Stop whinging, you were gonna have to anyways, they're soaked in sweat."

"Still! It's different!"

"Then I'll fucking do it if you're gonna be a baby about it!"

"I'm not a baby you fucking whore!"

"Shut up!" You kiss the blonde boy, squeezing your arms around his waist and pulling him into you more. "I love you."

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