Boundaries | Shoto Todoroki [1/3]

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Genre: ❤

Warnings: Kinda short

Other: Reader has a blood control quirk


Shoto couldn't help the way he felt.

The way he always found himself staring at the tall, muscular boy.

How he admired the way his perfect [H/c] hair fell in front of his gorgeous [E/c] eyes.

He longed to tell the boy how he felt, how he has been feeling since he first layed eyes on him.

Though he felt he may never get the chance.

It was a known topic about the rivalry of class 1-A, and how that rivalry caused a divide in friend groups.

The so called Baku and Deku squads. Unlucky for Shoto, he had fallen for a player of the opposing team.

Shoto sighed from his place in the dining hall, surrounded by his friends, yet half a world away from the one he loved most.


Your pov

"Hey bro! You good?" Kirishima smiled at me, cutting me off from my daydreaming. I blinked a couple times, noticing everyone at the table staring at me.

"Hmm?" I asked, sitting up a little straighter.

"Damn vampire, listen up!" Bakugou growled from his seat between Kirishima and Jirou. I smiled, rubbing the back of my neck and muttering an apology, a pink tinting my cheeks.

"What had you smiling like that anyway, dude?" Kaminari leaned nearer to me, leaning over Mina who was quick to answer for me.

"He was thinking about a certain candycane!~" She smirks, poking my cheek which was as pink as herself. I instantly glare daggers at Jirou, who held her hands up, smiling at my embarrassment.

"I told you that in confidence!" She laughs at my despair.

"You like the half and half bastard?" Bakugou grumbles, rolling his eyes and going back to eating his food.

"Y-yeah..." I mumble, looking down and picking at my food with my fork.

I had been almost adopted into the Bakusquad for my brash attitude and tendency to be hotheaded, I was a lot better at controlling my temper than Bakugou was, but when I did people new about it. With my quirk, the term 'their blood ran cold' being quite literal.

"Then do something about it." He huffed. I smile at his stubborn way of giving advice, thinking about what he said. I could hear him getting angry again at Kaminari as I went back into my thoughts, Kirishima trying to calm him down and Jirou trying to avoid the onslaught.

I smiled to myself, thinking that I was going to ask Shoto out. I stole a glance at him from across the room, smiling at his cuteness.


Shoto's pov

The school bell rung, snapping me out of my daydream. I was packing up my bag, everyone had already left back to the dorms, I sighed.

Heading to the door, my hair falling in my eyes. I got out the classroom and almost walking straight into someone's chest.

"Woah, steady there." I felt two hands on my shoulders, steadying me, I looked up to meet the charming smile that I oh so adored. My face heating up immensely. "Well I was going back to class to get Kiri's bag, but since you're here, I might as well do this now."

His smile never faltered, though his nerves were evident.

"[Y/n]?" I blushed at our closeness, his hands still on my shoulders.

"Shoto, I... Like you.. a lot, I know we don't get to hang out much, but if you'll let me, I'd like to change that!" He tilts his head, giving me a close eyed smile, I could feel my heart melting, realisation of what he was saying finally setting in.

"I like you too, [Y/n]." I felt myself smiling slightly. He opened his eyes looking at me in shock, his smile then returning. "We could hang out tonight, if you want."

He let's go of my shoulders and jumps slightly. "Like a date? Yeah!"

"I- err- be ready at 7 tonight!" He kisses my cheek, then turns around and runs off. "Damnit! The bag!" He runs back to the classroom, coming back out moment later with the bag.

"7pm! Be ready!" He smiles as he runs past me, waving his hand as he's off down the hall.

Short ik, part 2?

Also thanks for 3k!

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