Bonita Menino | Katsuki Bakugou

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Warnings: Latin reader / based off a Latin character from my comic


The cultural festival was something that occurred every year at UA, after the sports festival has ended, this festival remains as a kind of party at the end of summer. Making it a very popular event among the teens.

The bakusquad were very excited for he first festival they were allowed entrance to, of course some of the class with hero parents had already been, but all had not been able to enjoy it as the independent students they were now.

Although there was a damper on the Bakusquad's mood, their boisterous ring leader not being with them tonight of all nights.

Music was heard blaring from the centre of a market area, a crowd already forming. The music consisted of trumpets and rapid drum beats, it was fast paced and unlike music from Musutafu.

The bakusquad headed to the middle, shocked to see their blonde haired leader with a smile on his face as he was  being lugged around the dance floor, messily following his partners steps.

The taller Latino in question held the boy by the waist, his feet being stood on as he taught the boy the moves expertly.

The dance was over as the song finished, a loud chant in a foreign language celebrating the dance and further riding up the crowds.

The bakusquad quickly made their way over to the pair, bombarding the pair with questions immediately.

"Shut the hell up extras!" Bakugou exclaimed, looking as though he was going to lash out at the four, but the arm around his shoulder kept him in place by the taller male's side.

"Ah, you must be the friends Katsuki has spoken of!" The heavy accent jumbled the Japanese quite a bit, but the group were still able to make it out. "I am [Y/n] [L/n] his... how do you say?... love mate?"

"It's boyfriend." The blonde corrected, sending the two into a squabble about how the translation is unclear.

"Bakubro has a boyfriend!?" The spikey red head exclaimed, a look of wonder on his face.

"He talks about us!?" A pink girl also yells, seeming in disbelief at the idea.

While [Y/n] laughed at the enthusiasm of the group, Bakugou was red in the face, embarrassed at his friends.

"I am... errr... oi bonita menino, você pode me ajudar.... por favor?" He had turned to the blonde when he was unable to continue, a small smile tugging at his face, remembering how he got that nickname. The Latino had referred to him as 'pretty like a girl' one time, but from what Katsuki he thought the male had called him a girl, and thus the fluent male began using the feminine adjective to annoy the boy.

"He's a transfer student... from Brazil. He's not the best at Japanese." Katsuki spoke for him, dreading the abundance of questions to come.

"How long have you been together?" Sero asked, taking a calm yet still enthusiastic tone.

"About three years?" He asked the other boy, who nodded, finding it easier to understand the new language when he wasn't speaking it.

"If he can't speak Japanese, how did you to start talking?" Denki asked, confused at the idea.

"He's fluent in English, and I was pretty good."

"So that's how you're top in class!" Kiri summarised.


After a few hours of going round stalls and meeting up with the rest of the class. Katsuki and [Y/n] broke off from the crowd, walking through the thinning festival goers.

The two were walking hand in hand to the edge of the set up, the student dorms in the distance. The transfer student dragged his boyfriend to the dorms, passing by other students with a wave.

The two got to his dorm and cuddled into his comfy bed.

"We are joining your class tomorrow." [Y/n] spoke in English, his accent like music to Kat's ears. "The training that is."

"Yeah? Maybe we'll get to team up." He also spoke in English, cuddling into the boy's chest.

"You want to go to surf with me before school?" He asked, wrapping his arms around the boy.

"I don't have a board."

"Well we'll have to change that." The [H/c] haired male spoke, lifting the blonde's chin and placing a gentle kiss on his lips. "Goodnight bonita."

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