Mates | Katsuki Bakugou [1/2]

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Genre: 💛💙

Warnings: sexual themes / omegaverse / breeding / mental manipulation / crying


The PLF headquarters was quiet, Shigaraki having gone to do some sc-fi bullshit, dabi having gone into hiding after dancing on TV or something? Toga having gone quiet after the death of Twice, and Kurogiri having been arrested.

You slumped on the bar, having made yourself a drink. You were actually quite thankful for the quiet, it meant that you didn't have to bring too much attention to your villainous status, knowing your boyfriend wasn't too keen on your career choice.

You felt a tight sensation growing in the back of your neck. Speak of the devil you guess.

You got up, leaving your drink and exiting the building. You got on your bike, driving down town to your shared apartment. Your boyfriend was a third year in UA, and a popular trainee hero, the exact opposite of you. But to save you getting arrested everytime you wanted to see him, he moved in with you out of the dorms.

"Hey what's up? Yknow you can't use our bond as a kind of bat signal, right?" You said as you stepped through the door. You froze, the overwhelming stench of pheromones hitting you like a wall.

"Get in... here..." The strained voice of your love called out, you followed, waking into your bedroom. You found him crouched in a pile in the corner of the room, blankets and pillows taken off the bed to make some sort of makeshift nest.

You walked over, sitting next to his nest. He whimpers and you immediately run your fingers through his hair, hoping to sooth him a bit. You felt bad for him, he was always one to have quite painful heats.

Tears stung his ruby red eyes as another painful wave hit him. This time he cried out a bit, grabbing your arm that was outstretched to pet his hair, pulling it slightly to indicate that he wanted you to join him.

You carefully slip in beside him, and he instantly moves into your lap.

"Aghh!" He moans in pain, burying his face into your neck, finding some comfort in your scent and your hands rubbing up and down his back. "It fucking... hurts!"

You hum in agreement, pressing a kiss to his temple. A sudden tug at your belt made you jolt, looking down in suprise at the blonde.

"Kat, what're you doing?" You ask, as he continues to fiddle with the belt buckle. He looks up at you with a fierce look in his eyes.

"Breed me."

Shocked, and unsure if you heard him right, you went to ask again, only for him to cut you off immediately.

"Breed me!" He yelled a little, sitting up a bit now. "I mean it, [Y/n]. I want the pain to stop."

Looking at the determined look in his eyes, you nod your head. "Alright."

He smiles triumphantly, going back to undoing your belt. He was quick to wrap a hand around your shaft, pumping to get you hard enough to ride.  He quickly took of his boxers, pulling your dick out of your pants.

"Kat, slow-"

He slammed himself down, bottoming out in one go.

"Down... fuck.." It was like all your held up pheromones and instinct broke free at once... you immediately gripped his milky soft thighs, picking him up and situating yourselves on the bed.

Your [E/c] eyes were clouded in a haze of lust, shaking as you attempted to maintain some self control. Katsuki's arms wrapped around your neck, pulling himself up to your ear.

"Don't hold back... fucking breed me!" His desperate plea was enough to egg you on, begging your merciless rhythm of pounding into his ass. His yells of pleasure only motivating you to thrust deeper and harder.

The backs of his knees were positioned on your shoulders, one of your hands holding his wrists above his head after claw marks and burns started to spread across your back.

He screamed out as he came across his chest, looking completely fucked out. You followed soon after, pulling out and spilling your load onto his lower stomach.

You huffed out, laying beside him, catching your breath a little, you pick up an old shirt from the floor, wiping his stomach and chest.

"You arsehole! Why'd you pull out?" His harsh tone snapped at you as he watched you clean him.

You looked up, catching his eyes, red ablaze with anger. "I can't actually breed you, Kat. You're still in school."

"I finish in a few months! I wouldn't even be showing until after I graduate!"

"You can't be serious?"

"Yes I am! Fucking breed me you pussy!"

"What about your hero career? How're you going to get a head start at being number one if you immediately have time off?"

"It won't matter! You said you would!"

Without thinking you activated your quirk, wanting to show him what it would be like to have a kid. The nightmares flashed through his eyes, being a failed hero cause he started late, being outed as dating a known villain... the possibility of their child becoming a villain.

Tears pricked at his red eyes, you immediately stopped, regretting what you had done instantly. "... you used your quirk on me?"

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to show you what it would be like."

"What it could be like."


"You're such a fucking arsehole... you don't have a future seeing quirk, you don't fucking know shit... you just manipulate people to avoid what you can't control!" He sat up, his anger flaring. "It's pathetic!"

You growled back, now on the offensive. "What's pathetic is begging me to get you pregnant cause you can't handle a little pain!"

"Get out."


"I said get the fuck out!"

You scowled at him, pissed, but also extremely angry. You sorted your clothes and packed a bag... cause at this moment in time it was just easier to be angry.

You walked out, slamming the door behind you.

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