Heat | Eijiro Kirishima [2/2]

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Genre: 💛

Warnings: shark boi

Other: Set in the future


"Y-your surprisingly good a-at that~" I breathlessly laugh, throwing my head back as I pant. I feel the bed shift, looking at him as he sits up, face beat red, cum dripping from his lips. He holds my gaze as he licks his lips, swallowing my load.

"D-damn love~"

"Happy five year, babe!" A cheery red head kissed my cheek as I walked out of our bedroom in our apartment. The overwhelming stench of smoke hit me as I walked down the small hall and to the kitchen. Panic setting in as I started to rush.

"Ei what did you do!?" Making my way into the kitchen, rushingly tying my dressing gown around my waist.

(I'm from England, a dressing gown is a bathrobe or whatever you call them, but fluffier)

(Also I just put hot sauce in my brother's brew and I'm waiting for him to drink it)

Running into the kitchen, my adorable boyfriend walking in not too far behind.

"I made you breakfast!" He cheered, seeming really pleased with himself as he pulled out a seat for me.

I sat down with a small smile at his innocence, forgetting about the smell as he goes to open a window.

"Well thank you-!"

I cut myself off, looking to the charred remains of eggs and toast in front of me. Everything was burnt, even the beans!

"T-thanks, love. It looks... delicious."

His adorable face smiles in anticipation for me to eat it, I can't tell if he's joking or not. Can he just not see this black mound of ash on my plate?

"Like... too good to eat..." I laugh nervously looking at him, only for him to return a laugh.

"But you're gonna... right?" He tilts his head, giving me a doubted look. He looked like a puppy who just got his tail stepped on!

(Score! He drank it, pasty white boi can't handle his hot sauce XD)

With a determined nod I scoop up a fork full of the matter, warily eyeing the decayed mess. Without a second thought I scrunched my eyes shut and shoved it into my mouth, swallowing the whole thing in one painful movement. I cringed unintentionally at the god awful taste, trying my hardest not to throw up.

The quiet snorts of stifled laughter cause me to crack open my [E/c] eyes, latching onto the sight of my red haired boyfriend trying his absolute hardest not to let out a laugh.

"I-I didn't think... pfft- you were g-gonna! Hahaha!" He bursts out laughing, tears in his eyes as he collapsed to the floor clutching his stomach. "It was burnt black, you idiot!"

I slowly rise from my seat, hands twitching in anger. Menacingly strutting over to Kiri's laughing form.

"Your gonna pay for this." I threatened through gritted teeth, trying my hardest not to shout. However the sight of his uncaring self and continued fit of laughter was definitely trying my patience.

"Sure I am! W-what ya gonna do? Piss in my cereal?" He continued to laugh, trying to calm himself but failing all the more.

In my fit of rage I harshly grabbed the front of his shirt, using it to hoist him up to my eye level. The feeling of no longer having ground beneath his feet must have panicked him slightly as all laughter had stopped.

"Well you just made room on the menu Ei, so you tell me~" I whisper lowly into his ear, hearing a hitch in his breath at my sudden closeness. A smirk ran wide across my face as I slid one hand up his bare thigh, picking him up higher and sitting him on the table where the food should've been.

"[Y-y/n]?" His voice squeaks out in surprise, my lips gliding across his neck leaving small hickies and kisses.

"Hmm?" The vibration of my voice tickled his neck, causing him to let out a moan which he embarrassingly tried to cover up. "This is your punishment, Sharky~"

I turn him around, pressing him flush against the table, slowly grinding my unclothed member against his boxers. Getting impatient with myself, I grab the hem of his Crimson Riot boxers, yanking them down roughly. He seems to come to out of his moment of pleasure, panicking once again.

"B-babe! The curtains!" I look to the kitchen window, seeing the curtains drawn back and the view of out small garden through it. "Someone will see!"

"So? Fuck 'em, let them watch." I growl in his ear, pressing myself up against him.

His adorable whimpers are like music to my ears, his little impatient crys as he begins to grind his ass against my hardened cock. I groan lowly, placing my hand on the back of his neck, forcing his head to rest on the table.

Without hesitation I ram myself into him, earning a loud cry as he arches his back at the pain.

Kissing the side of his head I run my fingers through his hair calmingly. "Don't worry baby, it'll be gone soon."

The small utterances of reassurance help him through the pain as before long he gives me the signal to continue.

I start slowly pushing myself in and out, gradually building up speed as I went on. My grip on his hair had tightened and his moans were near streaming from his mouth.

Even still my thrusts got faster and harder, I wanted to hear him scream.

"[Y-y/n]! Ah- I'm gonna-!"

"Not yet, baby!"

The command sends him closer, I can feel his body shaking below mine, his yells progressively getting louder. I won't stop till I hear him scream.


He realeased onto the floor, myself releasing my load inside of him.

Like he'll he was gonna be able to walk later.

With a hand on his cheek and a smirk on my face.

"Happy anniversary, Ei~"


We ain't gonna talk bout that


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