Neko | Hitoshi Shinsou [2/2]

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Requested By: SheynChanUwU

Genre: 💛

Warnings: Sexual themes

Other: Set in the future


"The amazing [Hero Name] saves the day again!"

"The heroic duo [Hero Name] and MindMelt!"

"Hero super couple; MindMelt and [Hero Name]!"

Smiling slightly as I walked through the door, tail swaying, my lavish and modern looking apartment made all the more homey with my husband's sloth-like touches.

Slipping off my boots and removing my feline face mask, I relax, noticing the tuffs of purple locks poking over the back of the couch.

Using my cat-like quirk to my advantage, I tiptoe over to the sleepy man, fresh out of his hero costume and adorning some of my own clothes. Sneaking over and placing a gentle kiss on the side of his temple, startling him awake from the sudden contact.

"Hey..." His sleepy voice drew out and a soft smile aimed my way.

"You're watching the news? I thought you said they twisted everything?" I ask, smirking down at my sleepy lover, absolutely adoring his lethargic nature. It was really relaxing for my cat-self.

"I'm watching you." He rubs his eyes and opened his arms, gesturing for a hug. I jump over the couch, landing next to him and pulling him close to me. He cuddles into me more. "Congrats, on saving the day."

"Thanks, babe." I smile, snuggling into his neck. My smile soon turned into a smirk at my closeness to his neck. I kissed the spot below his ear once, then again a bit lower. I felt his body stiffen up a little, going a bit lower and lightly nipping his neck with my teeth. "Maybe, y'know, I should get a reward~?"

His breath hitched as he pulled away lightly, a pink blush coated his pale cheeks, although the lustful look in his eyes was not so innocent. The intensity of the stare told me everything I wanted to hear as I dipped my head and continued to ravish bites and kisses into his neck.

He let out small moans with my storm of hickies running now down the length of the left side of his neck. I pulled back, giving him enough space to remove his shirt, myself soon following those actions. He stared down at me from his place on my lap, using this position of half laying on the couch to his advantage as he eyes me up and down. Running my hands up his smooth hips and quickly flipping our positions and hovering over his smaller self.

I trailed my kisses all down his chest and stomach. Leaving bruises and small bitemarks in my wake. He moaned lightly and reached to untie his sweatpants as I got lower, with my aid they were abandoned on the floor, my own pants soon following.

I chuckled deeply at his purple boxers with lilac kittens patterned on them, he was truly adorable.

In my moment of distraction, he had pushed me back into the other side of the couch. He began to mark my lower abdomen, leaving rather dark hickies along my defined v-line. I groaned softly feeling the pull of my boxers as they were pulled off. Relaxing into the chair, my lustful glare aimed at Shinsou who had met my glare with his own lustful gaze. A quick lick of my tip earned him a planned view of myself as my muscles tensed from the unexpected jolt of pleasure, the tension of holding a moan, he smirked at my posture, earning a hard glare from myself as I pushed him back.

Practically ripping off his boxers which now lay on the floor, I raise an eyebrow at my already prepped love.

"You prepped yourself? You planned this?"

"Not, having a repeat of last time. Now, go for it~" He leans up and whispers in my ear, the lust in his voice driving my own. I push myself into him, his tightness a sense of euphoria.

"D-damn Shin~ You're so tight~" I groan out, letting him a minute to adjust before I start thrusting. He starts to moan, the small noises being music to my ears. "I want to hear you scream~"


His small yet very effective challenge drives me insane as I pick up the pace. He wasn't expecting the sudden acceleration and begins to pant through his moans, gripping onto my shoulders for support. I pound into him repeatedly, his moans getting louder with every thrust. I smirk through my own groans, my neko ears twitching at hearing the banging on the wall telling us to shut up.

"[Y-Y/n]~ I'm gonna~!" He screams, arching his back and pressing into me more.

"Me too, Shin~" I groan in his ear, feeling his tightness as he releases on our chests, myself releasing in him.

"T-that was amazing!" Hitoshi breaths, panting and red faced. I smile, pulling out of him and laying down next to him, kissing his nose.

"The neighbours didn't think so." I smirk, kissing his cheek and snaking an arm around his waist. My tail curling over his thigh as I rested my chin on his head, chuckling at the tickling feeling of his unruly hair.

"Damn, again?" He laughs a little, cuddling into me, his fluffy hair brushing against my cheek. "Maybe we should be quieter next time."

"Fuck that! I love you Shin and I sure as hell want everyone to know!" I smile, showing my fangs, the now softer mood activating my quirk a bit.

"I love you too, Kit-Cat."

I tried to include the cat quirk as much as possible, idk

Hope you like it!

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