Neko | Hitoshi Shinsou [1/2]

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Warnings: Very big cringe

Other: Online friends/LDR AU


A boy with the anger of Bakugou yet the coolness of Todoroki's left side. A boy who was seen as the bad boy type, the guy everyone wanted to be friends with but we're too scared to try, the guy voted most likely to become a villain. [Y/n] [L/n].

He sauntered down the U.A hallways, his leather jacket in placement of his blazer as always. People parted like the red sea, eager to avoid the wrath of this temperamental delinquent.

"He's so wannabe bad boy."

"If it wasn't for his grades he'd be kicked out by now."

"Just another loser from the hero course who won't cut it in the real world."


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"Ah! N-nothing!"

"Yes- bzzzzb- err can you hear me now?"

Continuing on his journey, mindlessly wandering to the cafeteria, that was the problem with [Y/n]; he had a resting bitch face. It's not something he means to do, it just sort of happens, but whenever the [H/c] haired male was lost in thought or not being overly active in what he was doing, his face would contort into the most terrifying of scowls.

In reality, [Y/n] was actually a really nice person, a little to the point and forward thinking, but generally nice. Although not many people would know that since his mere presence scares them away...


Shocking the male out of his thoughts, he had turned the corner and walked right into somebody. That person was now on the floor whilst he remained standing.

"Watch where your going idiot." The sharp glare of [E/c] eyes accompanied the growling voice that had spat those words.

The purple haired boy had gotten himself up from the floor, dusting himself off and sending an accusatory look in [Y/n]'s direction.

"Your the one who walked into me. I wasn't even walking." His monotone voice was a little harsher than [Y/n] had expected, this boy looked as though he could pass out any minute and he was giving him sass? Unbelievable.

[Y/n] growled and walked past him, roughly bumping his shoulder as he did. "Yeah well, watch where your standing next time asswipe!"


With a hefty sigh and a slinging of a bag on cold wooden floors, the [H/c] haired male face plants into his bed after the long day at U.A.


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