Other Worldly | Shota Aizawa

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Genre: ❤

Warnings: real world reader / reader is a dumb bitch


Waking up in your bed, you take a minute. Glancing up at the ceiling that seemed all the more vibrant, the walls that almost look cartoonish. You sigh, going to rub your only to scream out.

Sitting up you look at your hands, quickly standing up to find a mirror.

"Holy shit I'm an anime boy!"


A month had past and you had figured out the basic rules of the world and which world you were in. My Hero Academia was one of your favourites, you were overjoyed to find out you had a teleportation quirk.

Becoming a vigilante wasn't your intention either, but when you saw someone in need of help, you just reacted, using your quirk to get them to safety.

But when the police tried to arrest you for such an act, you went into hiding, and decides to just go with your new role.

You had created a makeshift costume to protect you identity, but your sudden appearance in this world helped greatly with that.

You were currently patrolling the streets, when you came across a figure dressed in all black.

You got closer, recognising them as the Pro Hero Eraserhead. But by that point it was too late and he had spotted you.


You managed to dodge the capture scarf, though you couldn't teleport away.

"Dammit of course I had to run into him!" You cursed, running round the corner into an alley, using the moment to teleport away.

He turned the corner and cursed out, yourself watching him from ontop of the building across. You were going to take the chance to leave, but then a thought entered your head.

You teleport onto a balcony closer to him, using the shadows to conceal yourself.

"I'm not a bad guy."

He looked around where the voice came from, only to turn back around when it came from somewhere else.

"I just want to help people."

After frantically searching, he realised you weren't going to easily give up your location.

"I can help you."

"I don't need help."

You teleport infront of him.

"You went underground so that you could do your job better, but even so, you're still a popular hero and an iconic figure."

"Your point?"

"My point is," You let out a breathy laugh, the self derivative thoughts flooding your brain. "I'm a nobody, which means people don't tend to think twice in my presence."

"Go on." He looked intrigued, standing from his defensive position.

"I know of a drug circle that's tearing up the city's suburbs, I can't take them out alone." You chuckled, tilting your head as you looked at him.

He sighed, nodding as he took off his goggles, looking over your outfit. "And why should I trust you?"

"Cause you know the only illegal thing I've done is hero work without a licence." You held your hand out for him to shake, and he let out another sigh, before shaking.


After convincing your new partner to come along without asking permission of his agency, and taking out the thugs terrorising the neighbourhood. The people herded around the two of you, thanking you both for your actions. Aizawa had heard what the people had said, about how they had put in complaints for heroes to take action, but the situation wasn't deemed worthy of their attention, he kind of admired you for that.

There was a press van, and one of them had managed to record the two of you working together.

"So Eraserhead, care to tell us about your new partner?" The had pushed a mic to him, but he only turned away, grabbing your arm.

"Him? He's nobody."

And you teleported the two of you away.


You laughed as you enjoyed you coffee, now out of your costume and sitting with the handsome man in a cat cafe.

You couldn't help but giggle at the abundance of cats giving their attention to him.

The news was on, showing your quick exit and some statements from the residents.

"So you've named me now, does that mean you're attached?" You laugh, gesturing to the TV.

"No, and you're still illegally acting." He grumbled, a tired glare thrown at you.


"But you're right. You fly under everyone's radar... so it would be beneficial for us to work together." He smiled slightly, petting a cat on his lap.

"What about your agency?"

"I can see about getting you temporarily employed, it would give you a licence."

"Ew no... I'm not going to be told how I can and can't save people... shit like that is what risks peoples lives." You groaned out, sipping your coffee as you sat back in your seat.

"Well then, [Y/n] [L/n], you aren't giving much choice not to arrest you." He chuckled, petting the cats again.

"Then why don't you, Shota?" You teased, leaning forwards again and smirking at him.

He just shook his head with a small laugh, knowing he wouldn't arrest you yet.

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