Degrading | Touya Todoroki

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Genre: 💛

Warnings: Sexual themes, creative insults

Other: Mind reading quirk



My [E/c] eyes hardened slightly, my eyebrow twitching. Taking a deep breath, calming myself a little bit, and getting back to my paper work.


A low growl escaped past my lips as the warm skin of his foot made contact with my bare back. Shoving me forwards slightly with the kick. I desperately attempted to calm myself down, running a hand through my [H/c] hair for what could've been the hundredth time as I returned my attention to the almost overdue paperwork.

Pussy, to cowardly to even-!

I cut off his thought by pouncing on him, pinning his hands by his head. His small whimper of shock embarrassing him enough for a blush to break out across his cheeks.

"To even what? Pleasure my boyfriend?" I growl out, finishing the sentence with a glare. [E/c] eyes hard and merciless, like those that hunt down prey. "Is that what you were going to say?"


"What? You were so mouthy before? Can't handle the consequences of your actions?" I growl, rejoicing in the sight of him squirming. Nipping lightly at his neck, loving the small moans and whimpers. I work my way up to his lips, leaving dark hickies on his already darkened skin. The kiss was rough and needy, letting go of his hands I placed one under his neck and the other on his cheek. The contrast on the cold metal of his tongue piercing against the heat of the kiss was blissful, coaxing us to continue until our lungs burned.

Pulling away from the kiss, our panting breaths still mixing together. My [E/c] eyes staring deeply into the cerulean blue of his own.

His arms wrap around my neck, pulling me back down into the kiss, my own now working on the removal of his pants. The rushed actions causing him to moan into the kiss, his own hands now moving to fiddle with my belt.

I flip us over, having him sit on my abdomen as I pull my pants off the rest of the way. I groan deeply into the kiss as he starts to grind a bit.

Breaking from the kiss I push him off me and face first into the pillow, earning a squeak of suprise from him.

"[N/n]! You arsehole..." He grumbles, glaring a bit as he begins to get up. Before he can I grab him by the hips and position his arse in front of my hardened cock.

I smirk, rubbing myself against his entrance. He let out a few small whimpers, pushing himself closer to me. I lean over him, kissing the back of his neck softly.


He nods his head, letting out a breathy 'Yeah'. Pushing myself into him all the way, he cries out at the pain of the raw contact, giving him a moment to adjust. I kiss my way down his back, hoping to distract him from the pain.

"Y-you can go..." He huffed out, steadying his shaking arms under him. I lean forwards and grip onto the headboard, grabbing his waist in my other hand.

Slowly thrusting myself back and forth, his groans of pain soon turning to those of pleasure as I pick up the pace.

He moaned out, myself joining his charade of ecstasy with low groans of satisfaction.

"[N/n], h-harder~" He calls out through the moans, causing a smirk to erupt on my face as I used the headboard as an anchor to push myself faster and harder into him.

"Ahh~" His moans get louder, bordering yelling.

"Quieten down, love. We'll get caught~" I whisper in his ear, catching sight of his face which was beet red and drooling slightly. Such a Damn turn on.

"F-fuck them~!" He yells, still moaning loudly. I take the opportunity to pound into him harder drawing myself close to my climax.

He can barely talk through his moans, stuttering out a small 'I'm close'. I use my free hand to run through his hair, gripping it and pulling his head back and attacking his neck, leaving large and dark hickies.

He let's out a strangled moan, climaxing on the bed, his tightened self pushing me to climax too. I pull out and lay beside him, smirking at the look on his face.

"B-bastard, w-why'd you do it inside?" He glares at me slightly, though his tired and panting self made him all the less threatening.

Pulling him closer to me on the bed, hugging him close to my chest and running a hand through his hair, kissing his forehead.

"Punishment, love. For kicking me." I kiss his nose and smile smugly.

"You're an arsehole..."

"Yeah, and you love me~"

I didn't do the tentacle quirk part cause it made me awkward, so heh

But I did the mind reading

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