Scandal | Denki Kaminari [2/2]

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Quirk: Healing quirk, heals like a titan

Au: Traitor Theory


"S-so we're fake dating now? Y-you shouldn't have let yourself be seen by them!" He scolds, face still tinged red.

"So you wanted to be found out as a traitor, I got you out of that situation be thankful, and besides, this is a good thing, I now have a reason to be seen around you without suspicion." I wink at him, smirking slightly. He resorts to grumbling under his breath, handing me the hotdog he bought. In exchange I handed over the teddy, much to his surprise. Eating the food, catching the warm expression his face as he hugs the large stuffy close.

Maybe glorified babysitting isn't so bad.

Denki Kaminari had a massive problem.

It had been half a year ago since he was placed under [Y/n]'s supervision and the two had gotten on like a house on fire.

The electric blonde hated every bit of the cute dates and sappy behaviour when the two were around other UA students. He hated it, not because of the actual affection or the person he was with, he hated that at the end of the day, it wasn't real.

It was all an act, one that himself and the rest of his class had fallen for.

He had fallen hard for his handler, he was in deep trouble.

How could he possibly confess his feelings, he had no indication whether the older boy actually liked him or was just good at his job. And on the side to that, if they were to start dating for real, then whose to say that Shigaraki wouldn't deem their teamwork as a compromise and assign him to a different handler.

It was all too much for the spark boy as he laid on his bed, holding the pikachu plushie close and trying to block out the noise coming from the other dorms.

The more he thought about what could go wrong if he was to confess his feelings, the more his mind began to spiral into an anxious frenzy.

Little sparks started to appear as the blonde spiralled, his anxiety about the situation rising as the sparks grow. He had completely ignored the knocking on his door as he went deeper and deeper into the endless pit of scenarios and loosely attached thoughts. He failed to notice the door opening and someone walking in. He failed to notice the lashes of electricity lurching from his body as he lied in his bed, or the burning smell of nylon as the plushie in his arms slows fried from the heat produced by the pure electric.

"D..... ki!.... Denki! Common, Denks! Snap out of it!" He felt a hand roughly shaking his shoulder, immediately causing his thoughts to stop, the electricity dying down as his attention focused elsewhere.

"[Y-Y/n]?" The blonde boy looks around his dorm, seeing Kirishima and Sero looking panicked in the doorway, his handler, or 'boyfriend' still muttering for him to focus, he takes note of the black lashes on the floor and walls, the burnt teddy in his arms.... the gashes and burns in his partner. "Y-you're hurt!"

"Shush. Just... calm down." The older male disregards his worries, pulling him into his arms as he sits himself on the edge of the bed.

"Hey dude, you alright?" Kirishima approaches, Sero hot on his tail.

"Yeah, you had us worried there! The whole dorm was going haywire, you must have set something off." Sero informs, attempting to lighten the situation, however it only succeeds in guilting Kaminari further, the blonde whimpering at the statement and cuddling closer to [Y/n].

The older gave the two a look, and they got the message to leave, saying small goodbyes and promises of food later to their friend.

"What was that about? You can't be setting off like that, they can't know you actually have a handle on your quirk, it'll ruin your cover if they do!"

The blonde flinches in his hold, his shoulders beginning to quiver gently, a wet feeling starts to form on the older chest. [Y/n] lifts his chin, seeing the tears, a sympathetic look forms on his face, he gently cups Denki's face, wiping his tears with his thumbs.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you, I'm not mad." He sighed, in his line of work he always seemed to forget that himself and Denki were still kids. Even though they weren't expected to act like them. "What's wrong, love?"

"Y-you don't have to use those stupid n-nicknames now, no one's around." He hiccups, his voice slightly angered and his eyebrows furrowed.

"I know I don't, but I want to."


The older male places a soft kiss on his lips, slowly pulling away after the small peck, attempting to analyse his response.

Denki was euphoric, for the most part of a moment, his eyes quickly clouded as dark thoughts took over his mind.

"You're not doing that for cover right? Cause that would be taking it too far and-"

"Denks stop. I like you, for real, if it makes you uncomfortable then I'll resign as your handler, but I thought I should at least tell you." [Y/n] said softly, his eyes downcast at the negative reaction. He didn't really know what he was expecting, he had assumed from the way the blonde acted that he was into him.

"You like me?"

The boy had a hopeful look in his eyes, a small smile finally finding its way onto his face. His look faltered as he turned his attention to the burns on his crush, the burns he caused.

He smiled as small steam clouds appeared, indicating that the skin was healing. The male nodded his head at the question leaning into the hand that was placed on his cheek.

"I like you too."

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