Whiplash | Denki Kaminari

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Most students jumped out of shock at the blur of [H/c] that ran past at speeds that would require a quirk like the great Tenya Iida.

"Crap. Crap. Crap." The continuous muttering of the [E/c] eyed boy chimes as he ran through the halls, skidding round a corner and flying smack bang into the middle of someone.

The force threw both of them backwards, [Y/n] groaned, rubbing his forehead.

"Hey sorry man, I-" [Y/n] stopped talking as he looked at who he had run into, a boy shorter than himself but still rather tall, he had striking yellow hair with a black bolt through one side, he also had large cat-like eyes. "Hey your that stun gun kid! On the hero course!"

"Y-yeah. That's me!" Stun gun flushes pink, still shocked from the fall and now more shocked at being called out. As if snapping out of a daze, the taller boy stood up and offered his hand to the human Pikachu. "My name is Denki Kaminari."

"Cool. Name's [Y/n] [L/n], but you can call me [Y/n]!" I look just past him to see Hatsume at the end of the corridor, literally flagging me down with her crazy hair and goggles. "Well duty calls Pikachu, I'll see you around!"

I left the boy a blushing mess as I ran to meet Hatsume at the end of the corridor.


It had been a couple of weeks since my run in with Denki, and well I haven't stopped thinking about him since. I even created these Marvel inspired whips, just like the ones Whiplash uses. If Denki was to use these he would be able to concentrate his power into a purer form of electricity!

"Alright class, today we will be testing the durability of your support items, so we will be working alongside the hero course to test them." Our teacher monotoned, Hatsume and myself excitedly cheering and completely opposing our advisor's attitude.

We all head down to the small training arena where class 1-A was already waiting.

"This is gonna be great!" I yell aloud, spinning around Mei who had requested a piggyback ride down all the steps of U.A.

"Wooooh!" She yells, jumping of my back and fist bumping the air.

Our teacher sighs at our behaviour, never having been able to keep up with the two of us. He walks over to the teacher of Class 1-A and announces that we should find people whose quirks best fit our gadgets.

I wish Mei luck as I see her run off to a green haired boy. I wait for many people to pair up, not really knowing who to talk too. I felt a tug on my shoulder.

"Oh! Hey Pikachu!" I smile, turning to the mop of electric yellow hair. He blushes at the nickname, stuttering over his words.

"Erm... You w-want to pair up?" He asks rather shyly, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

"Yeah of course! I was actually hoping to pair up with you! Got a special custom made, inspired solely on your quirk!" I cheer. "How well are you with controlling your quirk?"

He blushes brightly, flustered at the fact that I had made him a support item. "Err.. n-not well, like said I'm b-better at being a stun gun." He looks down slightly.

"Well c'mon, hey sir! Can we go first!?" I yell over to my teacher who nods in a tired way. The class circles the arena as Denki and myself make our way to the middle. "Stand here and stay still!"

I run over and set three combat dummies up, then run back to Denki and start strapping him in to my invention. He seems a little nervous. I put the arm braces on him first, they made sure that his arms wouldn't break from backlash and kept his hands free so he could easily fight. I then unravelled the long whips and locked everything into place.

"Okay, bend your arms- good, they fit perfectly!" I quickly walk around him so I'm behind him, "Activate your quirk and hit those targets!" I yell over my shoulder, going to the crowd and cheering on the blonde.

He looked fascinated as he activated his quirk and the whips lit up. "I look like whiplash!"

He aims and manages to take out all three targets, frying them completely with the supercharged bolts. The class look on fascinated and impressed.

He deactivated his quirk and I helped to unstrap him from the arm locks, he jumped with excitement and hugged me tightly. The hug shocked me, literally, and he jumped back apologising and laughing at my now spiky hair. We laughed it off and walked back to the crowd.

His blushing face and elated smile melting my heart just a little.

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