Alpha | Denki Kaminari

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Genre: 💛

Warnings: sexual themes / omegaverse / anxiety / crying


Denki had been with you for awhile now, months had flown by and he didn't regret a single thing. You were the best alpha he could ask for, kind, patient. You rarely got mad with him, most would frown towards [Y/n], saying your calm nature made you an incompetent alpha.

But God, did he know that was far from the case. You could get violent, real violent, if someone threatened your omega. But you didn't think that just because he was an omega meant that he was defenseless. You gave him space to fight his own battles, and come to you if he needed help.

You adored the energetic blonde, but you weren't the only one. Many others wanted to tame the smaller male, and it made you all the more anxious to be the first. You would never push yourself on him, you could never live with yourself if you made him uncomfortable towards you, but you desperately wanted to cease the prying eyes and lustful looks he got when in heat. Or shush the voices of others saying you were a weak alpha, not even being capable of protecting him because he is not marked.

Little did you know, Denki felt a similar way, he was just nervous. He knew deep down that you would never hurt him, but he was scared that the alpha in you would take over and you would stop listening to him during. He didn't want to end up being scared of you, or for you to end up being like all the other alphas he hated.

He was currently on his way back to your shared dorm. UA having provided shared dorms for bonded couples as long as they were in their third year. He was nervous as he approached the door, hesitating as he went to open the door.

You were obviously able to hear him from inside, and went to meet him at the door. When you opened the door, a smile on your face to meet your love, it instantly turned to a frown as you look to the smaller boy. His face was red and his eyes were teary, looking distant, and not having registered that the door was open yet... something had got him in his head, and you were ready to decapitate whatever it is.

You gently pulled him to you chest, wrapping an arm around him as you other laced finger through his hair. You could hear his heartbeat start to slow down, his erratic breaths evening out.

"Hey sunshine, talk to me, what's going on?" You spoke, lifting his chin so that his golden eyes met with your [E/c] ones. He let out a shaky breath, breaking eye contact as he went to speak.

"I want to." His voice was barely above a whisper.

"Want to..? What?" You asked, genuinely confused. You chuckle a little at the look he sent you, getting what he meant instantly. You couldn't help but grin, leaning down to kiss his cheek. "That's amazing honey, we can go-"

"But..." He cut you off, looking away from you again.

"But?" You smile had gone now, attempting to catch his gaze and decipher what he was feeling, as he wasn't to eager to spill. "You're scared?"

"... terrified." He sighs out, pulling himself back into your chest. You lean down, cupping the backs of his thighs, he gets the message and moves his hands to your shoulders as you pick him up. You lead him over to the bed, letting him lay on you as you run a hand up and down his back comfortingly. "I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be sorry for anything."

"But I know you would never hurt me... hiccup... it's not fair of me to be scared about it."

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