Scandal | Denki Kaminari [1/2]

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AU: Traitor Theory (I know it's not him but just go with it)



Looking up from your concentration of balancing the thin blade of your knife on your fingertip, you see the scarred face of dabi.

"Sup." You mutter quickly, turning your attention back to the small game you had created. For a few moments, he continued to stare at you as you drew a short breath, quickly getting bored at his presence. Turning to look at him directly. "Yes?"

"Handy man wants you to come and meet our insider, you're gonna be his new handler." Dabi drowns, not being too interested in the information he was forced to relay.

Annoyed, you follow the patchwork flamethrower down the hall and to the bar, almost instantly noticing the blindingly bright blond hair beside Tomaru. Hand man pointed towards me, the action followed by the blondie's attention. He was stunning, dazzling gold eyes, his electric blonde hair complete with the black bolt through one side. A small blush reached my cheeks, and Dabi nudged me in the side with his elbow, a smirk evident on his face.

Shoving him off, the scowl returning back to my face I make my way to Tomaru. "So hand-man, you wanted me?" With a role of my eyes and folded arms, standing with a bored stance, my taller stature seeming more intimidating.

"Yes, you're to be Kaminari's handler."

"Glorified babysitter is more like." Narrowing my eyes and glaring at the flaky man.

With a tired sigh, he walks off, clearly not wanting to deal with my shit today, muttering a small "play nice" as he makes his way to Kurogiri.

"S-so I'm Denki Kaminari, you can just call me Kaminari." He stutters looking up at me, his cat like eyes wide and curious.

"Yeah, no, Pikachu. So I'm going to be your handler, where are you stationed?" He is taken aback by my blatant disregard for his name or feelings about the nickname I gave him, straightening himself up a bit, attempting to look unfazed by my attitude.

"I'm at U.A, in the hero course." He avoids eye contact so he doesn't have to look up to me, I raise an eyebrow, it's impressive that the league managed to get someone so close to the action.

I hold my hand out to him, in a gesture of asking for something, though he doesn't take it this way and grabs my hand for a handshake. His quirk sends small shocks at the contact, my scowl hardening at the butterflies erupting in my chest.

"No, your phone." I growl taking out my self anger on him, he is shocked and instantly reals back, handing me his phone with an embarrassed blush and muttering small apologies. I take the phone and put my number into it, adding a devil emoji to my name for the fun of it.

"I want you two to spend the day getting to know each other, you can go out in town or whatever, but it is necessary as you'll be spending a lot of time with each other in the future." Hand man informs from his spot at the bar.

With an exasperated sigh I grab Kaminari's wrist, glaring at the blue haired handjob as we left.


"H-hey! W-where are we going!?" The thunder bolt said as we stopped speed walking into town - more so I had stopped speed walking and he didn't have to be dragged behind me anymore.

I let go of his wrist after pulling him forward to walk beside me. "Sorry, god damn handy mandy just gets on my nerves. You can choose where we go." A calmer expression adorning my face as I scratch the small [H/c] hairs at the nape of my neck. With my eyes averted, I barely catch the small smile he has, before he grabs my hand and pulls me into town, making sure I can keep up with him; much more concern that I had shown him.


Around three hours ago, we had come across a fairground, having been there ever since, I had learnt a lot about him, himself being three years younger than me at age 16. I knew that he played the dumb blonde in the hero course, also he was the flirty bastard in the class too, even though he wasn't into girls.

Currently I was at one of those stalls where you throw balls at tin cans in order to get a prize. I was on my last ball having successfully knocked the first two pyramids down, Kaminari had just walked off, I believe to get us food, where I'm supposed to meet him. Throwing the last ball and hitting the pyramid, knocking down all the cans, the guy came over to pick up the mess, pointing to which stuffed animals I can pick from. Deciding already that the toy could go to Denki as I have no need for it. Looking at the collection of toys, I look to one that was almost too perfect, a medium sized Pikachu.

With the stuffed pokemon in hand, I make my way back to Denki, eager to appease my growling stomach.

I see the electric blonde outside the food truck, though the scene I'm met with makes a tight feeling raise in my chest and a subconscious growl audibly present.

Denki had a panicked look on his face as he was conversing with four people around his age. A fiery ash blonde was shouting at him, the red head beside him trying to calm him down, a pink girl was suggesting stupid theories to further wind up the ash blonde, and finally a black haired dude was looking about done with everyone. As I got a bit closer I could hear what the blonde was telling about.

"So when you said you were too fucking busy to hang out with us, what you actually fucking meant was that you didn't want to, you bastard!"

"H-hey, t-that's not-" He tried to think of an excuse, the blonde now spitting off explosions, his anger only getting worse.

An air of protective and slight possessiveness encircled me as I stormed over, keeping a cool but deadly expression.

"Hey babe, everything alright?" I kissed his cheek and sat down next to him, completely disregarding the people in front of us. Everyone was quiet, Denki was bright red and the first to speak was the pink girl.

"Oooo~ Kaminari has a secret boyfriend! Hi there! I'm Mina Ashido!" She holds her hand out and I shake it, a smile on my face.

"Secret boyfriend? Wow, Denks, thought I was more important than that, after all we have been dating awhile now~" He looks so shocked at how my act has changed, I pull his cheek to distract from his shock, though it only looks like a playful gesture. "Well anyway, I'm [Y/n] [L/n], nice to meet you."

"Hey dude! It's nice to meet someone so close to Kaminari! I'm Eijiro Kirishima, that's Katsuki Bakugou, you've already met Mina, and over there is Hanta Sero!" The Red head introduced, Sero waved and Bakugou grunted.

"I'm awfully sorry to be rude, but we're on our anniversary date you see, though it was nice to meet you." I smile wide, the fake actions straining my face. The quickly got the idea and left, saying a few goodbyes to myself and Kaminari.

Dropping the smile as soon as they leave, a loud and long winded sigh leaving my lips, my [E/c] eyes showing tiredness after such actions.

"S-so we're fake dating now? Y-you shouldn't have let yourself be seen by them!" He scolds, face still tinged red.

"So you wanted to be found out as a traitor, I got you out of that situation be thankful, and besides, this is a good thing, I now have a reason to be seen around you without suspicion." I wink at him, smirking slightly. He resorts to grumbling under his breath, handing me the hotdog he bought. In exchange I handed over the teddy, much to his surprise. Eating the food, catching the warm expression on his face as he hugs the large stuffy close.

Maybe glorified babysitting isn't so bad.

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