[A/n] - Sorry

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This isn't an update, so firstly I want to apologise for that.

But this is some insight into why I haven't had the motivation to write.

At the moment, yes, I am on hiatus cause of college and the workload they have given me as I'm not in college due to covid.

No I don't have it.

But schools are shut and it's hard, I don't have that productive atmosphere to be in and I live in a small flat with a large family.

Anyways, the reasoning why I feel the need to post this.

I've also posted a part on my profile if you want a better worded version.

The reason I write these books is because I am a dominant male reader who cannot find this sort of material and am rather sick on having to substitute my pronouns or body features just to read a decent fic.

So I wrote this book, and my others so that I could write what I've been wanting to read and experiment with relationships and what not.

Now, the important part.

Yes, this is a Seme Male reader book, yes I write dominant readers, and yes they all are in that category.

One of my biggest peeves when writing these is that I post it and will have someone hating on this key feature. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for criticism, but not down right hate.

I absolutely hate when someone comes to me and says why are you putting uke in a Seme book, or I was promised seme and this ruins it. I cannot stand the people who whinge if the reader isn't 100% dominant and overpowering.

If you don't like it then don't read!

I like writing soft doms and dom battles. They are what I can write when I'm not in the mood to write smut or sexual things. Or am in the mood to overly sexual things.

I love writing for switch readers or small doms cause not only do you jot find them too often, they are very much real and are an underrated audience as well.

The type of dom I write changes depending on the mood I am in, and I guess it's not particularly what some people want but boo-fucking-hoo.

If you're going to post something like this on my work then yeah, I'll try and explain my motives to you, but don't then just because I called you out start attacking me in dms.

I love you guys and your support, but it's just that recently some hate has been getting to my head.

I'll start posting again soon, I just need a break right now.


- Skulby

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