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Warnings: Sexual themes

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I sat in my apartment on my multi gym, watching the news as my long term boyfriend saves the day again.

"He better not be late for our goddamn anniversary." I growled to myself, checking my phone to see if I have anymore appointments today.

My schedule was clear, but I did have a message from that Midoriya kid asking for work out tips. The opinions of a training instructor being quite popular in this life, surprisingly.

Texting a few tips on endurance and speed training, I get up and go to the kitchen.

I start cooking up a meal for the two of us, plating it up and setting it out on the table. I sigh as I put plastic covers over the food, walking to the bedroom and having a shower.

It was now around 8pm, Toshi wasn't back and the food would need to be microwaved. I sat down on the couch, turning on some random channel.

I was desperately missing my lanky boyfriend, hugging a pillow in placement of him.


Around a half hour later and the door opening with a tired and deflated Toshinori walking through it. He looked around the quiet apartment, noticing the food on the table and the nicer outfit you were wearing.

He walked over to the table, picking up a on envelope with his name on it, pulling out a card.

Happy Anniversary,
My love xxx

"Damn it." Toshi rubbed his forehead, having completely forgot about today. He walked over to his sleeping boyfriend, softly yanking the pillow out of your arms and wrapping himself up in your warmth instead.

"Hmmm... Toshi?" You grumbled in your sleep, barely opening your eyes to see the smaller man cuddling up to you. "You're.. late."

"Shhhh, go back to sleep." The blonde smiles softly, covering my mouth with his hand in a playful manner. "I'll make it up to you in the morning."

"You better." I smirked, tiredly standing up with Toshi in my arms and lazily carrying him over to our bedroom. Chucking him on our queen sized bed and jumping on shortly after.

He laughs tiredly.

"I'm guessing you missed me then?" He chuckles, wrapping his arms around my neck and snuggling closer to me.

"Always." I answer, kissing his temple and pulling him into my chest. Shortly falling asleep after.


I woke up to the shrill sound of my phone receiving a text, I attempt to move my dominant arm and reach for my phone, only to be stopped by a weight on it. Looking to my right, I see Toshi on my arm, probably from when we were spooning last night and I rolled away.

My phone beeps again as I awkwardly try to grab it with my other arm. Clicking onto the home screen I see it's 9 am and Midoriya has text me about his morning workout and asking for some critiques.

I feel movement beside me and a soft, half asleep sigh escapes the man's lips.

"He's already texting you? I'm kinda regretting giving him your number~"

He rolls into my side, kissing my shoulder lightly as my arm curls around his waist. The kisses become a bit more aggressive as he makes his way up my neck, leaving small hickies in his wake.

"What's got you so hot and bothered this early in the morning?" I say with a sly smile, enjoying the attention from him that I don't receive often due to our busy work schedules.

"Well I did promise~" He playfully smiled back, capturing my lips in a needy and near desperate kiss. His hands reaching to tug on my [Length] hair, I push him backwards, shifting positions slightly so that I now hovered above his smaller figure. "And how can I resist when you're looking so hot next to me... daddy~"

I slot myself between his thighs as I slip my tongue into his mouth, earning a beautiful moan from the blonde. The nickname that had been faintly whispered, causing me to grin non-stop as I grew down below.

His already half naked boy squirms from beneath myself, already fully unclothed as I tend to sleep. His arms snake round and grasp onto the muscles on my back, his hips grinding against my hardened cock.

"Lift." I command against his swelling lips, he complies quickly, lifting his hip so that I can pull down his sweatpants until they reach just above his knees.

His erection moves against my own as he continues to grind, a low groan reaching the back of my throat as he continues to openly voice his moans.

I grip his hips tightly in my hands, more than likely leaving bruises, flipping us over so that he sits on my abdomen.


"This is my treat. You'll ride me." I smirk up to his flushed face, drool slightly dripping from his mouth due to our kiss. He looks like he was about to say something, but merely nods with a sweet smile on his face. He grasped my dick in his hand, looked at me briefly before forcing himself onto it.

The sensation and suprise cause me to hiss, the lack of lube and overall tightness having a burning sting, though I'm sure that he is in a lot worse pain.

I glare up at him, now propped up on my elbows, he looks down at me through teary eyes and a smile that is clearly fake.

"Don't boss me around. Daddy." He sneers, using the same tone I had on him previously, saying the nickname in a way that almost makes it sound like a taunt. I click my tongue and smile, leaning up to kiss his shoulder as he begins to adjust himself.

"Of course, brat~" I hum against his skins, flinching as he starts to slowly roll his hips. I groan against his skin the faster he goes, his moans near my ear only getting me off further.

He starts panting heavily and his legs at each of my sides start twitching, taking that as a hint I flip us back over, taking over in doing the work. He whines at the action, gasping loudly when I fully thrust into him, immediately hitting that bundle of nerves like I have done so many times before.

I continue pounding into that spot relentlessly into that spot, his moans turning into yells of my name and screams of that lewd nickname that only he can call me.

He cums, coating his stomach and a bit of mine. The sight of him beneath me, cum covered, red faced and drooling with a dazed look in his eyes is what sends me to releasing my own load within him.

Pulling out and laying down next to him on my stomach, catching my breath in the thickened air. A sharp pain in my left shoulder that was accompanied by a loud slap caused me to look up with a glare.

"The hell-"

"You came inside! I have work tomorrow you Jackass!" He yelled through his tired state, weakly glaring back. I smile at him sweetly, tilting my head to the side, the action causing his glare to soften.

"Guess I'll just have to take care of you, baby~"


For clarification purposes, when I say the reader is "bigger" than Toshi, I mean he's bulky not taller.
He's all jacked cause he's a fitness trainer.

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