Sunshine | Tamaki Amajiki [1/2]

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Genre: ❤💙

Quirk: None specified

Soulmate Au: where you can write on your skin and it will appear in the same place on your soulmate, however you cannot write your name.



How are you?

How old are you?

Do you like sweets?

Everyday. Every-God-Damn-day I sit in my room with a pen in my hand, questions and words inked into my other.

Everyday I have a one-sided conversation, everyday my faith dwindles less and less. I just want one reply, a simple 'hi' would suffice. Nothing, it's always nothing.

I know they read it, I can feel the small singles of electricity when their eyes scan over the words. The shimmer of hope that rises and then dies again.


Hi again

Do you like carnivals?

Wanna hang out?

It'll be fun!



Someone I have never met, someone who seems to have such an effect on me.

Bags under tired [E/c] eyes.

Knotts in unkempt [H/c] hair.

I know what others think, how they pity me, how they see my mind degrade with every ghosted conversation.

Tonight I sit, pen in hand.

It's the time I usually start to write. But there are no words.

What's the point?

Putting down the black pen, turning off the bedside lamp, laying back in my bed.

Slow tingles like brush strokes. Lifting me from whatever unconsciousness I had attempted. Small spurts of electricity dancing across my arm.

Like ink.

Darting to turn on the light, throwing the covers back, eyes instantly glued to the black markings forming across my arm.

I'm sorry.

Please don't stop writing, I'm sorry I have never replied.

I see you everyday in class, reading and rereading the words you had wrote to me, you're an amazing person. I'm just too shy, I could never say something like that to your face. You deserve better. I'm sorry I could never be there for you [N/n], I'm sorry.

I read over the words, again and again. My [E/c] eyes scanning every inch.

They signed with a flower- wait no! A sun! And they're in my class? Shy, is in my class and has something to do with suns?

Pondering the idea of who my soul mate really is, I cold trickling sensation runs down my arm. I look back to the writings, the ink was now splodged in places.

...tears?... Tamaki!

In a haste I hope my hunch is right. Throwing on an [F/c] jumper and some trainers, jumping out my window as to not alert my parents I left the house. Running down the street, the house where I walk him home everyday.

I really knew him all this time?

Rushing into the garden, jumping the fence to the back, spotting which window is his. The light is still on.

Climbing up the conveniently planted tree, his window still not in reach. A deep breath and a leap of faith.

The dark haired boy looks up from his crying. A noise outside his window causing him to venture closer.

Surprise sprawls across his tear stained face, staring into the [E/c] eyes of his soul mate. The strong and radiant [H/c] haired boy from class 1-A, the boy he had admired from a far, the soul mate he had been too scared to confront; was now hanging by his fingers on the thin ledge of his window.

The elf eared boy quickly moved to open the window as the other pulled himself in.

The two stood in the room, staring at each other.

Tears fell, arms around each other. Soft whispers and small kisses of reassurance.

[Y/n] had never known what to expect with his silent soul mate, but Tamaki Amajiki was someone he would never regret.

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