Mates | Katsuki Bakugou [2/2]

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Warnings: omegaverse / vague mention of later seasons / ooc Bakugou cause he mentally fried bois / your author is sorry for taking so long 😔


It had been a year.

A year since you moved back in with Shigaraki, a year since you broke up with Katsuki, a year since you fully emerged yourself in your friend's villian agenda.

In the first few months, you had made headlines, your anger fuelling your tyranny. However that had quickly died out, only being replaced by grief over a relationship you had lost.

There had been no communication between the pair of you since that night. Even during battles, the two of you were able to avoid eachother, as much as it hurt to see his face, you were happy that he made it as a hero, that he was doing well for himself even with all the drama that was going on in the hero industry at the moment.

It was all too much for you, after all, you still felt the connection between the two of you after all this time, and the fact that you could feel his joy in the back of your mind.

A prospect that you didn't entertain was that he could also feel your sadness.

"Thought I'd find you here."

"You here to arrest me?"


You turned, the bottle in your hand sloshing, your vision a little blurred. You eyes adjusted to the amalgamation of colours stood behind you, and you sighed, turning back to watching your feet swing over the ledge of the sky rise.

"Are you gonna jump?"

"So that's why you're here, playing the hero!" The laugh you let out was anything but amused, you were sure if you turned back you would see an annoyed expression on the omega's face. "I know you don't think much of me... but at least give me some credit."

He sighed out through his nose, coming over and joining you on the ledge. You didn't say anything, but scoffed when he snatched the bottle, taking a swig for himself.

"Long day?" You put aside your offence, deciding that after everything that happened between the two of you, you didn't get to be mad at him. You had done a lot of thinking, it's the only thing you really had since then, and you hated yourself for how wrong you were back then.

"No... it's just- its all..." He sighed, taking another drink as he couldn't place his words. He was just so tired of it all.

"Different?" You didn't look at him as his eyes met your face, knowing that if you did you would find yourself falling in love with those ruby red gems all over again.

"Yeah." He turned back forward, offering the drink to the man next to him. "I don't think I can stand with the heroes anymore... I don't think I can be apart of what's going on." You remained silent, listening to him as he talked. "Sometimes, I think about what life would've been if we had had kids."

You stiffened, freezing up despite the lack of hostility in his tone. In all honesty, you had wondered the same. "You wouldn't have become a hero, not so soon anyways... and I wouldn't be with the villians."

He turned at that, shocked at the idea. "You would have quit villiany if we had kids?"

"I like to think at one point I would've done anything for you." You leaned back on your hands, lolling your head a little drunkenly, your [E/c] eyes empty as you stared at him. "Though I proved myself wrong on that one, huh?"

The humour was dry, and Katsuki found himself placing his ungloved hand over yours. You flinched away, remembering how the last time you touched him, was to feed on his insecurities and manipulate his perception and ultimately betray the trust the two of you shared.

"Activate your quirk."

"No, Kat- I'll only hurt you." You watched as he sat up straighter, turning his body to face you, and removing his other glove.

"Trust me."

That sobered you a little, turning to face him with a nod, you activated your quirk, not touching him. He moved his hands forward, and you flinched back.

"Don't look for anything, let me show you." He let a small smile overcome his face, as he placed a hand on either side of your face.

A little girl was running through piles of fallen leaves, her beautifully blonde hair curling at the ends. She bounded over to you, [E/c] eyes big and full of love. "Dad! Daddy!" She fell into your arms. Another body leaned up against yours as turned to your husband, smiling as he watched your daughter, a younger baby boy cradled in his arms.

Tears pooled in your eyes, streaming down your cheeks. You silently sobbed as he backed away a little, making a quick move to wipe your tears. "Is that what it would've been like?"

"I don't know... but it's a possibility, it's just a dream I have sometimes." His own eyes were a little misty. He wouldn't lie, that night when you left, he was devastated. Even though he asked you to go, even though he ended your relationship, he had never stopped loving you.

"I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be. I understood where you were coming from a long time ago." He sat back, sitting closer to you this time, he grabbed one of your hands. The air was silent between the two of you, the sounds of the city below calming all tension of the two love-lost individuals. It was a peaceful serenity. "Yknow... we could leave."

"What do you mean?"

"The lives we have, we aren't happy in them, we could just leave." He face was deadly serious, the city lights illuminating the bags under his eyes. His calm demeanour was a little unnerving, but his tired, near defeated expression was enough of a reason for it.

"People need you Kat, you're a hero."

"I don't feel like one. I honestly don't think I can be in a world like this." He leaned in, yawning a little as he rested himself up against you, smiling to himself when he felt your arm around his shoulder like old times.

"I know, but if you're not gonna be obe for you, or the people down there who need one. Then be one for our hypothetical kids." Your hand rubbed circles into his back, tempted to lay down of the cold concrete yourself as exhaustion overwhelmed you.

"You mean that?" He tilted his head, looking up at you with a smile, he could hear your heartbeat against his ear, he already knew the answer.

"I do, from the bottom if my heart." You made eye contact, staring for a moment, before your lips softly met his. "I promise."

authors note: so like forever and a half later and here we are! I did had a plot bulletpointed for this, but I lost it :/
Anyways, thanks as always for your support! The next fic will be an Aizawa lime!

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