Sunshine | Tamaki Amajiki [2/2]

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Tears fell, arms around each other. Soft whispers and small kisses of reassurance.

[Y/n] had never known what to expect with his silent soul mate, but Tamaki Amajiki was someone he would never regret.

A few months had gone by since that faithful night, though Tamaki was too shy to act like a couple within school, the relationship between the two was obvious to anyone who was looking.

The two were in love, it didn't take a genius to figure that out.

The school's first years had moved into the U.A dorms a few weeks ago. The two soulmates having finally agreed on a date night.

The planned Friday having rolled round quickly, the navy haired cinnamon roll blushing with a small smile as he walked next to his tall [H/c] haired boyfriend, who was happily keeping up the conversation between the two as they walked back to their dorms.

"So have you decided what movies we'll be watching?" The taller boy asked, smirking slightly knowing he hadn't.

"N-no, I c-couldn't find anything we'd b-both like." He stuttered, lowering his head as to not meet [Y/n]'s eyes.

"It's fine, I went to the rent place and found something we'd like." The taller male said, poking the pink cheeks of his elf eared lover. Resulting in the shy boy to cover his cheeks.

"W-what is it?"

"It's called The Butterfly Room, it's kinda like Alice in wonderland." [Y/n] tries to cover his mischievous grin, knowing that his small trick will work as Tamaki loves butterflies and Alice in Wonderland when the two watched it on their first date.

[Y/n] isn't a bad boyfriend, he isn't tricking Tamaki to be mean. He just wants the undeniable ton of cuddles that will accompany this small prank.

The elf boy smiled at his boyfriend, the adorably innocent cinnamon roll causing a pink blush to adorn the tall male's face.

"C'mon we have to set up yet." The [H/c] haired male grabbed the shorter's hand, pulling the stumbling boy along with him.


Your POV

"You tricked me!" Cried my adorable boyfriend as he scooted closer to me, covering his eyes.

I chuckle slightly, having lost track of the movie seeing as for the past twenty minutes I had been watching him instead.

"[Y/n]! Ahhh!" He yelled again, crawling over to me and hiding his face in my chest. He now sat in between my legs instead of next to me on the bed. The feeling of his body shaking in my hold made me feel bad, the movie wasn't that scary, but then again I did get one that turned some of his favourite things into horrific nightmares.

"Hey... I'm sorry, I didn't think it would be that scary." I said kissing his temple, pulling him closer to me with an arm around his waist, my other hand running through his hair in an attempt to calm him.

He gripped my shirt tighter but didn't say a word. I sighed and continued to watch the movie, my back uncomfortably pressed against the wall, however I don't dare to move, knowing best to leave Tamaki in his current position until he calms down.

The movie eventually ended, my tired eyes scanning the mattress for the remote, eventually finding it and turning the tv off.

"Hey, it's finished now you don't have to-" I cut my sentence short, looking down at the shy boy to see he had fallen asleep against my chest. Soft snores filled my ears as my gaze remained on his peaceful looking face.

A sigh escaped my lips as I slowly laid us down on the bed, careful not to wake him. An arm positioned under his head, the other secured around his waist. Kissing his nose and snuggling closer to the shy boy.

"Damn it Tamaki, what do you do to me..."


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