If Only | Hitoshi Shinsou [1/2]

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"First in the head to head battles is Izuku Midoriya verses Hitoshi Shinsou!"

The screen announced, I was, like many people, watching the sports festival on my tv.

The Shinsou kid had seemingly won from the start, showing a great example of how to effectively use ones quirk.

It was not until the kid had broken out of the trance and used the purple haired boy's lack of combat training against him.

A brainwashing quirk, huh? That kid must get some shit...

Sighing I turn the tv off, not interested in the other contestants now.

I already have my target~


Shinsou's pov

My room was quiet, just myself and the sounds of angry kicks at miscellaneous objects.

I got so far, only to realize that in reality I was no where near.

God dammit!

I kick a beanbag across the room, it landed near the window. I jumped startled to see a face staring at me from behind the glass, the boy waves slightly before almost falling.

I go and open my window, not wanting some kid fall to his death on my lawn. He smiles and shuffles himself in.

"Hey." He smiles again, seeming really calm.

I look at him with narrowed eyes, who the hell-

"I'm [M/n], I err- have a telepathy quirk, heard you beating yourself up and well hear I am!" He makes a mini hand gesture to himself, though his cheeks are tainted pink.

"Yeah, why are you here?" I ask, crossing my arms and staring up at the boy.

"To cheer you up, shorty!" He laughs, as though it's obvious. I consider using my quirk on him, but decide against it as he seems honest enough.

"Names Hitoshi Shinsou."


It had been around 7 months since that night of the sports festival. The night I almost ended my dream, only to have my hope reborn by a complete stranger.

[M/n] [L/n], the name of my best friend. Funny how that worked out. The boy who is only a year and a half older than myself. Looking back on the memory now, I almost want to laugh at how we met.

Though I stop myself, feeling the evident blush adorning my face. The tell tale sign of a crush.

I have been thinking about him a lot as of recently, as I am currently on an internship after being scouted from the sports festival. Apparently because I wasn't actually in the hero course it took awhile to allow me to do this, but now I can, with also shining hope of joining the hero course.

Patrolling through the busy city streets, my mind wanders back to [M/n]. He had told me a lot about himself, as I had to him. He had also confinded in me about his rough childhood, about the overwhelming struggles of being a boy stuck in a girl's body. His family thinking of him as an idiot for wanting to be something he wasn't biologically, for wanting to be something he was but was never seen for.

Though I worried. He had been acting unusual lately, as though he was hiding something.

My mentor had told me the patrol was over, nodding and making my way back to the small apartment I had been given to stay at.

After making some ramen and grabbing a soda, I took of my mask and sat on the couch. Turning the tv on to some trashy Rom-com as I ate.

About an hour in, the film was interrupted by a news broadcast.

Some crap about a group of villains in the city centre, the fights having been resolved now though a few of the villains remained at large. I merely glance over the faces on the screen, almost spitting out my ramen at a certain photo.

That [H/c] hair, those unbelievably piercing eyes. There was no doubt it was him. The coldness of the photo being unfamiliar to me as I stare at the screen. How?

How could I have not seen this?

He was so nice, lovable... How could he betray my trust like this?


Your POV

I hadn't heard from Hitoshi at all in the past week. Ever since he got back from his internship he had been ignoring me.

If I'm being honest, I have grown to love the violet haired boy, the week I couldn't physically see him due to his internship having brought to attention just how much I love him.

I want to tell him that.

But he's ghosting me.

I couldn't have possibly done something wrong, he seemed happy enough to talk through text before he got back. So why is he upset now? What have I done?

Deciding that pacing a whole into my apartments floor isn't the best idea, I grab my coat and walk out the door. Marching my way over to his house.

Walking up the steps to his doorway, my frustration having grown on my way here. Banging on his door like a madman, knowing his parents are out tonight, I didn't care much for how rude I came across. I deserved an explanation!

"What do you!- oh." Hitoshi began to shout as he opened the door, noticing me he quickly composed himself. Though I don't fail to notice how tense he is.

"Why are you ignoring me?" I demand, my voice hard, showing that I wasn't going to leave without an answer.

"[N/n]... You can't be here..." He says, staring to his feet, still not opening the door fully either.

"Why the hell not!? I know your parents are out tonight! That's no excuse! So why the hell can't i-!"

"Because your a villain!"

He looked me dead in the eyes, his purple orbs burning a glare through thick tears. My own angered expression softened, wanting nothing more than to hug his sadness away, realizing more what he had said, I can only feel guilt.

"Shin I-"

"Save it, [M/n]. I don't want to hear your excuses."

He slammed the door in my face as the tears started to fall. The small whisper being the only thing to leave my lips.

"...But I love you..."

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