Fallacy | Katsuki Bakugou

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"Nani-na-na net nani-na-na net nana naw na-naa." Huming along to the small guitar rift you expertly play, a joyous smile on your face, a lively glint to your [E/c] eyes. Due to a bad break in the weather, a thunderous storm pelting anyone who dare go outside, U.A had decided it in their best interest to provided sleeping bags and other such equipment as students would be spending the night. This being due to reports of hail so strong that a person had died, three more in the hospital.

The class, being the noisy and intuitive group they are, decided to quiz you on the large and very obvious guitar case you always carry around, but never actually seem to use. And now, somehow or other, Mina had managed to convince you to play a song for them.

"I wanna make up my mind~" The words sounding smooth, the shrill of the electric guitar fitting the tone. "I wanna make you pay respectfully for all the lost time~"

Unknown to the rest, this song is from the heart, your heart, that belonged to another. Katsuki Bakugou.

You had confessed yourself awhile ago, because you had known he liked you back, Kiri had told you so (in confidence of course). However the arrogant blonde was to stubborn to accept that not only was he head over heels for you, but you made the first move, whilst he sat there, scared shitless of his own emotions.

"You be the one to decide~" Subtly glances to the said blonde, he was facing the front of the class, away from you, but you could tell he was listening. "But if you're wrong, you run abandon where you come from and hide

Give up

I never stopped to look and see that we're on opposite sides
You had a point when you would say that it was buried alive
So I

I want to make up my mind
You want a hundred different reasons and it tears a divide
I don't know where it came from
But it's wrong, it's wrong defending what you claim and evoke

Give up

I never stopped to look and see that we're on opposite sides
You had a point when you would say that it was buried alive
So I

I never stopped to look and see that we're on opposite sides
You had a point when you would say that it was buried alive
So I

The class was cheering by the end of the song, which I gratefully thanked them for. Standing up and putting my guitar away, I rub a hand through my [H/c] hair, turning out the door and down the hall to the nearest vending machine.

I sigh meekly as I buy a can of monster energy, the Mango Loco flavour cause it tastes amazing.

"That crap can kill you."

Looking behind me, it seems Bakugou has followed me. Another sigh at his statement - as if I don't hear that enough already from my mum.

"Well aren't you just a little ray of pitch black." I say in a fake cheery voice, a sickeningly sweet smile on my face. I really can't be arsed with him today. "Why the hell do you care anyway? You've already stated how much you hate me."

He looks as though he wants to yell at me, but resorts to grunting something under his breath whilst looking to the ground. His cheeks tingling pink.

"I never said I hate you..." He grumbles, hating himself for sounding so weak. He looked like a child who had been told off and didn't want to take the blame.

"No but you said something pretty close, along the lines of 'why would I ever like such an asshole'." Stepping closer to him, our height differences obvious as I look down to him, not in a patronizing way; just curiously. I hold my open can in one hand, the other leisurely tucked into my black jean pocket. (This is sorta written from my characters viewpoint and he's freaky tall, sorry)

He whines a little in guilt as he remembers the words he had said, and how they weren't the harshest of them.

"I-I... I'm-" He attempted to apologise, choking on the words he rarely said but always meant. Stepping forward all the way, I wrapped my unused arm around him, pulling him into my chest.

"I know." I hold him close, after hearing my words he seems to breakdown. Wrapping his arms around my abdomen tightly, his head pressed firmly to my chest keeping others from seeing his face. A hot damp feeling soaks my dress shirt, having not worn the jacket, I could tell instantly then that he was crying; something he doesn't normally do.

Some people at the end of the hall started to crowd at the unusual situation.

"C'mon, let's get you out of here." I say and attempt to move forward but he doesn't let me. I realise what's happening; he doesn't want anyone to see him cry. Sighing, I bend down a little and hook my arm under his butt, him getting the message and wrapping his arms around my neck, his legs around my waist. I carry him out of there and to the boys locker room, all the while he had hid his face in the crook of my neck.

We sat down on the wooden benches, him moving away from me and trying to quieten his sobs. I take a long sip from my can, drinking around a quarter of it.


"Oh for fuck's sake." I growl, my face turning into a scowl and lobbing the rest of the can across the room, wasting most of the drink and making a loud and echoing bang. Katsuki jumps a little at the noise, turning towards me, only for me to firmly place my lips on his in a rough yet pleading kiss. "Please don't cry."

He looks at me through large and blotchy tears, his red eyes telling me everything his stubborn nature refuses to. He grabs a fistful of the [H/c] hair at the top of my neck, yanking me forwards and smashing our lips together again. The kiss passionate and long awaited, he pulls away, resting his forehead against my own, looking up to me as the tears dry up.

"I think I'm in love with you and I'm terrified." He whispers.

"Then I'll chase away your fears Kat." I hold him close and kiss his cheek, him snuggling into me.

"Thank you."

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