Hopeless | Mezo Shoji [1/2]

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Genre: ❤

Warnings: none

Other: His quirk allows him to create hallucinations of things he has enough knowledge over. Mute reader.


The strong silent type of class 2-A. [L/n] [Y/n].

He was a giant among his peers, and his silent stature only added to his mysterious and intimidating nature.

No one talked to him. No one could, or wanted to. Too scared he would use his quirk on them.

They normally left the boy alone to read in the library. Except Mezo Shoji.

The multi-limbed boy in the first year's hero course had always admired his senpai from affair, overly intrigued by the male's action.

He would follow him to the library everyday at lunch and sit a few tables away, pretending to read his book.

Today was the same. [Y/n] glanced up from his book and towards the younger who had been staring, Shoji quickly looking back to his book.

Suddenly, the words in te page started changing, morphing into one new sentence.

Are you just going to keep staring, or you gonna come over and say hi?

Instantly the masked boy looked up, meeting the [E/c] eye's of his older crush. His pink blush just becoming visible from under is mask.

He sighed, standing up and walking over to the second year, choosing to sign his next words, he thought for a moment, deciding to use sign language.

"How did you know?" The octo-limbed boy signed, sitting down in a defeated manner.

"You've been reading the same book for two months, yet you've been in everyday." He signed back, quite surprised the boy knew sign language.

The octo-boy blushed under his mask, covering his face with two hands.

The older [H/c] haired male laughed silently, the look on his face radiating one of bliss. Shoji couldn't help but stare, the boy further shocking the younger with his next question.

"Wanna join me from now on?"


Over the coming weeks the pair had met at the library everyday, without fail, most of class 2A was talking about the mystery student who had got their silent type to smile. And the news quickly spread to class 1A.

Shoji could hear the gossip on his way to the library, he was happy and also not, he didn't want [Y/n] to hear what people have been saying and freak out, knowing how antisocial the tall boy is.

He made his way through the aisles in the library, quiet as to not disrupt the atmosphere. A soft sigh is heard from round the corner, he stops, knowing that behind that corner is the table the two had claimed.

Cautiously, Shoji uses one of his limbs to view around the corner. Sure enough, [Y/n] was sat at the table, a discontented look on his face.

He seemed to be sleeping, but the curious thing was that his dream had activated his quirk, allowing Shoji to know exactly what he was thinking.

Within the cloud like bubble was a scene on a beach, the pair were within it, holding hands and walking along the coast. It was simply romantic, Shoji couldn't help but smile under his mask.

He walked over to the boy, gently shaking him awake, smile never leaving his face.

The [H/c] haired boy slowly woke up, looking confused and towards Shoji.

"Why are you so happy?"

The boy had asked by creating subtitles with his quirk. He looked to the first year for an answer.

"Did you know you create hallucinations in your sleep?" Shoji asked, using his voice and looking to his upperclassman.

"Damn, so you know?"

The dupli-armed boy nodded, a hand scratching his neck and a blush on his cheeks, he didn't trust his voice for what he was about to say so he chose to sign it instead.

"I like you too."


Shoji snapped his head up, the sound shocking him, he thought the taller boy couldn't talk? He tilted his head in confusion, about to ask the question.

"I can use my quirk to repeat words I have said before, before my voice gave out." He chuckled to the younger boys confusion, leaning forwards and placing a hand on his cheek.

"Go on a date with me?"

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