Boundaries | Shoto Todoroki [2/3]

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He let's go of my shoulders and jumps slightly. "Like a date? Yeah!"

"I- err- be ready at 7 tonight!" He kisses my cheek, then turns around and runs off. "Damnit! The bag!" He runs back to the classroom, coming back out moment later with the bag.

"7pm! Be ready!" He smiles as he runs past me, waving his hand as he's off down the hall.

Your POV

7 o'clock was rolling round faster than I expected. I was nervous, obviously.

I was trying to be slick when I asked him out, so I rushed it, hoping to god he couldn't see my nerves, and not giving him time to process what I was asking so maybe that's why he agreed?

Damn why am I stupid!

I might be overthinking, but what if he doesn't like me? What if he thinks I meant that we should hang out as friends? What if that's what he meant?

I'm still pacing around my room, Bakugou, Kaminari and Kirishima here with me.

"Dude chill, it's going to be great!" Kirishima smiled, Denki doing a non-derpy thumbs up. I snap my head in his direction, glaring slightly.

"Last time I checked Kiri you had a hardening quirk, not one that allowed you to see the future, so do me a favour, and shut up." I growled at him, noticing the way his smile instantly fell and how he flinched at my attack on one of his insecurities. Kaminari also took a few steps back, not wanting to be victim to my wrath. By this point Bakugou had looked up from my Xbox, standing up and walking over to me.

"Kiri I'm sorry i- ughhh" I run my hands through my [H/c] hair for like the gazillionth time. "I'm just stressed, I'm sorry."

"It's okay!" He smiled again, and went with Kami to take the now open spot on the Xbox.

"If half and half doesn't like you then I'll beat the shit out of him." I smile at the explosive blonde, thankful for his friendship. He's always treated me with a protective brotherly fashion, and I've done the same for him with his Kiri-crush.

"Thanks Kat-softie, I'll see you guys later!" I wave to the guys running out the door before Bakugou can scream at me.

Laughing at the chaos that erupted behind the now closed door, I make my way down to the common area, sitting on the couch and awaiting my date.

I wasn't waiting long when I heard the chattering voices of the so called Deku Squad.

I could hear the half whispered voices of Uraraka and Midoriya cheering Shoto on. There were also the muffled commands of Iida about inappropriate activities and how there weren't okay in the dorms.

I almost laughed at that.

His friends uttered their goodbyes, still trying to be quiet even though they were failing miserably.

The perfectly even mop of red and white hair appeared round the corner of the staircase. His self dressed in casual attire consisting of a white jumper-shirt, a denim jacket, black skinny jeans and some red converse high-tops.

I had never really seen him much outside of his school uniform, considering our very different friend groups, and even though he was simply dressed, he was breathtaking to look at.

I felt my cheeks heating up a bit, even more so as he caught my eyes and gave me a rare smile.

"Are we ready to go?" His smooth voice called out, snapping me out of my daze.

"Eh? Yeah!" I chuckled rubbing my neck in embarrassment, walking closer to him and extending an arm in a gentlemanly fashion. "My Prince, if you will~"

He shook his head lightly with an amused chuckle, slipping his arm into mine and allowing me to walk him out the dorms and to the hired car for the evening.


The night was filled with carnival rides, cheesy jokes and cute laughs.

Considerably the most perfect first date.

Walking the candycane boy back to his dorm, the said boy laughing with a closed eye smile.

"-And then he said-" I stopped, catching sight of Shoto's smiling face. He looked gorgeous, his heterochromatic eyes fluttering open to look back at me. The small giggles dying down as he looks on in confusion.

"Why'd you stop-!" I cut off his words, placing a gentle kiss on his lips. Leaning down slightly to reach his height, my right hand cupping his sleek jawline, my left encasing his own hand.

Getting over his suprise, he closed his eyes, deepening the kiss by leaning up further, his free hand on my chest to balance him against my taller figure.

Breaking the breathtaking kiss with a steady gaze, foreheads together, eyes interlocked.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist~"

The smirk on my face sent a flush to his cheeks, his hand lifting back up to my shirt collar, tugging me down into another kiss.



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