Yummy | Yuga Aoyama

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Requested By: OlliederSchreiber

Genre: ❤💚

Warnings: food / some licking and biting / ass eating


You had been away overseas for the past week, in your final year of college you were given the option to study abroad and you had taken it.

Aoyama, your long term boyfriend, had been busy with his hero work back home, so the two of you hadn't had much contact.

But now as you entered your apartment, you were delighted by the strong smell of chocolate. You quickly made your way to the bedroom after not finding anyone in the kitchen, and found Yuga pouring heated chocolate over himself completely nude.

"Bonjour mi amor."

The half gaze he was giving you through his long blonde lashes was enough awaken the drive in your pants.

Chucking your bags down, you made your way over to him, kneeling onto the bed and hovering over him.

The blonde watched you in anticipation, and you grinned as you licked a stripe up his stomach, humming at the sweet taste of chocolate on your tongue. The mewl that slipped from his mouth was blissful, his back arching up to meet your mouth.

You continued on, licking all over his body, biting in a few places where the chocolate pooled in the dimples of his hips and thighs. He whined when you left to your adjoining bathroom, he got up onto his knees, picking up the melted chocolate.

You walked back in, a wet towel in hand to help wash off the excess chocolate, only to find the boy ready to pour more onto himself.

"Pass it over." You held your hand out for the bowl. You sit behind him, and place a hand between his shoulder blades, using some force to push him down. Stirring the bowl a little, you watched as he positioned himself so that his arse was more prominent. "You ready, baby?"

A rapid nodding of his head, followed by some humming of agreement. The chocolate was poured from the top of his ass, the blonde shivering at the sensation.

Putting the bowl down, you gripped his ass, pulling his cheeks apart as he moaned, the chocolate dripping over his entrance, causing him to moan.

A tongue followed to lick up the sweet residue, causing a louder moan as the muscle slipped past the rim. Flicking you tongue upwards, he moans out louder, shuddering when you chuckle inside him.

"M-merde... [Y/n]!" He pushes his ass back, fucking himself a little on your tongue. You react by pushing yourself deeper into him, occasionally flicking your tongue around, finding his sweetspot.

He arched his back as he came onto the bed sheets. Moaning out as his high sent him into the bed.

You pull back, using the towel to wipe your mouth and his ass, smiling everytime he whimpered at the sensitivity.

"You taste so good, darling."

"Mmhhmmm... I missed you." His voice murmers out, a dopey smile on his face, his blonde hair messy.

"I missed you too, sweetness." Placing a kiss on his back, you got up, beginning to clean the mess you two made as he fell asleep.

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