24| His Cakey Heart

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____________________________________This chapter is unedited

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This chapter is unedited

Archer glanced at Violet from the corner of his eye as they walked back upstairs from the range. She had a hard expression and her light green eyes were set ahead of her burning holes into anything she looked at longer than 2 seconds.

She was pissed, and obviously at him.

He growled and rubbed a hand over his face as he walked ahead of her, he didn't want to glance at her angry self every 3 minutes. It frankly bothered him quite a bit she was so mad at him.

And he knew she was right to feel like that. He couldn't tell her about the races, he knew her well enough to know it wouldn't go over well with her.

Archer needed to be there, it wasn't optional. Especially considering he knew what Nathan wanted. So he had to leave her in the dark, for her own safety.

Luckily, He was naturally good at pushing people away. Even if hearing that she cared felt like a weird warm breeze on his cold skin.

But feelings for Archer were like lone tumbleweeds blowing through the dessert; unimportant and forgotten.

As they came up on the main floor, Violet moved passed him silently and spoke, "I'll be in my room."

Archer opened his mouth trying to think of something to say to get her to stay, "But dinner.."

She stopped in her tracks and sighed, "Fine, then Donavan will come up and get me when its ready." Violet said coldly as she went to walk again.

"No." He blurted out, "I...uh- I want you to make me a cake."

"A cake?" She said turning around slowly with a raised eyebrow.

Archer truthfully had no idea why he said that, but he did, and he had to role with it now.

"Yes, I want a vanilla cake with strawberry frosting. And i want it for dessert so hurry up." He watched her confused face melt into an annoyed one. He had half the mind to teach her a lesson but he decided to cut her some slack.

She grumbled out a, "Fine," and marched into the kitchen.


A few hours later, Archer had changed into a some a pair of black slacks and a white button up before going down to the dining room. The food was all laid out on the table and looking amazing.

But Violets large pink cake caught his eye immediately.

She really went all out, making it beautifully decorated with intricate white swirls along the side. He walked closer to where it sat on the table and the delicious aroma of strawberry and sweetness filled his nose making his mouth water.

But Violet wasn't in sight.


"Glad you like it."

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