32| His Aggressive Desires

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____________________________________Archers was basically a human tornado all day as he prepared

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Archers was basically a human tornado all day as he prepared. He had a feeling this event was going to be different then the others. His mind was hyper focused on what he needed to do and what he was going to do going forward if he made it out of the races.

He didn't know if he wanted to keep doing this, if he wanted to keep throwing wood on his fiery revenge. Nothing felt certain to him, he was walking through and unknown minefield.

Just trying not to step on a bomb.

Archer ignored the hammering questions and unknown feelings and focused on what he did know he wanted.

To get through tomorrow unscathed.

He cleaned and sharpened all his knives and swords, The Golden races didn't allow guns.

Nathan was a fan of theatrics. Sword fights lasted longer, were more bloody, and were way more painful.

And no one could kill long distance with a knife. You need to face your monsters head on or stay quiet for the night.

The sick bastard. Archer thought as he groaned and slashed his long sword right through a dummy cutting the head clean off.

He need tomorrow to go perfectly. He wasn't an idiot, he knew Nathan was going to pull some stunt to try and stir up a reaction. To try and derail him someway.

He was just going to be ready for it though.

He panted and set his weapon down next to the others he had chosen to bring with him. He also chose some various weapons for Violet.

She had been away all day training with Donavan. He didn't want to admit how much he hated her being away from him, he missed her like hell.

Archer tried to ignore the urge to grab her small body and slam his cock inside of her relentlessly. He wanted to watch her face as she struggled to hold in her screams.

God the way he wanted to have his way with her body right now and distract them both from the day that awaited.

He turned hearing the door to his armory open, Donovan stood there with Violet close behind him.

His eyes immediately narrowed in on her, dragging down her body imaging all the things he wanted to do to her.

He groaned gently and met her eyes with such desire he could see her blush slightly under his gaze.

"I received our costumes for tomorrow, mine is up in my room and I have Violet's and yours here," He hung up two dress bags and Archer turned his attention towards the older man, "I picked our animals from the remaining ones left. I am the owl, Archer you are the wolf, and Violet is the fox. Violet since this is your first race you have to be sure to address yourself as the fox, don't use your real name. I've had appropriate masks made as well; they are in the bags too."

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