10| His Touch

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~Archer has two chapters in his POV because the last chapter I wrote was 2,000 words and usually all of my chapters are 1,000 words. So, I just made it into two chapters~ Virgo

————————————————————The next morning Archer woke up early like he usually did

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The next morning Archer woke up early like he usually did. His first thoughts went to violet.

He got up out of bed and got dressed in his black slacks and a white button up. He rolled up his cuffs and left a couple of the top buttons un-buttoned.

He walked to the elevator in his room and went down to the first floor. He didn't see anyone so he walked into the main kitchen to see Donavan wiping the counters.

"I don't know why you clean when the house is spotless. That's what maids are for, Donny." Archer said in his normal cold and distant voice.

All emotion detached.

"Well I need something to keep me busy or I'll die. That bubbly girl has been doing just that but she wanted to go out to the garden alone."

"She's up? And outside, is she okay? The garden is very large...are you sure she isn't lost?" He said quickly.

"Yes." The old man chuckled, "relax, I was just about to bring her the lemonade she asked for." Donavan turned around and looked up at archer with a knowing smile. "You seem very concerned."

The cocky look made archer grumble and roll his eyes, "I'll kill you old man."

He clicked his tongue and waved him off, "not even god could kill me boy."

He glared at him, "I'm taking this lemonade." He grabbed the glass quickly making the pink paper straw slosh around.

He then walked through some rooms till he came to the back door that led to the pool. He opened the fence and stepped into the garden. He walked deeper in holding the cup as condensation slicked the glass.

The ice cubes jingled in the cup until Archer heard a different jingle. He looked up and saw Violet sitting on a circle bench that went all the way around a cherry blossoms tree. She shifted and held her book as her bell rang.

"Baby girl, lemonade has a lot of sugar you know?" He watched her look up quickly from her book and connect her wide doe like eyes with his snake like ones.

She smiled brighter than the sun and closed her book. He could tell by how she was shifting in her seat that she was excited to see him.

"Well I was in the mood for something sweet." She said simply and scooted her cute little ass making room for him. His eyes raked down her body taking in the cute white sundress that hugged her curves. It was an open back and tied around her neck in the back. She looked cute, but equally as desirable. He didn't know how she pulled that off.

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