26| His Angry Passion

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CW: some dubious behavior in this chapter so if you aren't comfy with that you can skip this chapter

Also unedited

____________________________________Archer stood in the doorway of Violets room watching her hands methodically run over her tantalizing skin

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Archer stood in the doorway of Violets room watching her hands methodically run over her tantalizing skin. His eyes followed the movements of her fingers over her body, entranced by her curves and delicate skin.

But simultaneously anger laced his desires, his contempt and frustration coiling around the lustful heat like a snake around it's prey.

It was obvious to Archer that Violet hadn't noticed him yet. Which he didn't mind. He was simply enjoying the show while debating whether or not to yell at her or fuck her.

He kinda wanted to do both.

His fist together into a hard grip as he set his jaw tight hearing her words. He knew they weren't meant for anyone's ears, but the smart comment she just made a fire ignite inside of him.

Did it bother him because that's all she thought she was to him? Yes. Would he admit that to him self? Fuck no.

He shut the door hard behind him which made Violet jump and whip around to see him. Her hands naturally flew to cover herself.

Archer watched a red rose blush rush to her cheeks rapidly, his eyes narrowed and he took a step closer to her. His observing eyes raking down her body and undressing her slowly with his dark hues.

She gulped and glared at him taking a step back, "what are you doing here." Violet spoke drenching her words in flash confidence.

"Kitten. You act so surprised."  He chuckled at the ground for a moment before grabbing the straps of the black harness and pulling her flush to his body.

She gasped and put her hands in his chest, her eyes glaring up into his.

Archer lowered his lips to hers and whispered "You don't remember your invitation downstairs?"venomous lust coated his lips as he dragged his tongue up both her parted lips.

Anger burned in his stomach as the flames frantically sought a way to release it. And Archers body knew exactly how it wanted to release it.

"I'm gonna fuck you Violet, just like a 'sex toy'. So hard you won't be able to remember your own name." He whispered on to her lips as her cheeks blushed bright red, contrasting against her emerald eyes full of anger as they narrowed at him.

"W-what..?" He watched the puzzle pieces click together in her head as she realizes he heard what she said. Archer grabbed her thigh and roughly dragged up his side holding it there as his bulge pressed into her pussy.

"S-shut up. You were the one that said what you said." She whispered back her hands wrapping around his neck.

Archer knitted his eyebrows together and and pushed her back into the wall, his hand went to her neck and squeezed gradually harder. Watching her lips part as she moaned, "Did you just say shut up to me?"

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