13| Her Clyde

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________________________________________This chapter is dedicated to Zahara_Salvatore

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This chapter is dedicated to Zahara_Salvatore . They've been reading and showing this story love with votes and comments since chapter one. I appreciate your support. Make sure to read their story and follow them.❤️

Violet was giddy...and a little sore. She thought back to her intoxicating time with Archer as she walked through the halls looking for something, or someone (archer), to do.

She lost herself a little more to him. Each thrust from him wrapped her tighter around his finger, each touch made her crave him, she was hooked like a puppy whenever he was near.

As she strolled through the hallways and into some rooms, she bumped into Donavan.

A sweet smile spread over her lips like honey, "Donny, do you know where Archer is?" She said putting her hands behind her back.

He nodded and his eyes seemed to light up seeing her, "Mr. Stark is getting ready for a job currently. He actually has requested to see you dear." Donavan straightened his tailored suit and straightened his white gloves.

He was such a butler stereotype, Violet couldn't help but chuckle a little.

"Do you know what he wants?" She got serious for a second, "he isn't mad is he? I don't remember breaking any rules." She racked her brain for anything she could've done...she was almost exited for a punishment. Almost.

"No, Well Mr. Stark always sounds mad, but not any more angry than he usually is. He's in his armory."

"He has an armory?" Violet asked her mouth hanging open slightly.

Donavan chuckled and shook his head, "this house is huge, he has many things. I'll walk you there."


Violet approached a large steel door and turned back to look at Donavan. "This is it?"

He nodded simply and smiled his sly old man grin and walked off. She walked up to the door and just barely brushed her soft knuckles against the cool metal when it swung open.

She gasped and looked up into Archers stunning forest green eyes. Her heart beat faster and under his gaze she felt smaller, weaker. She breathed a little faster and blush fanned across her cheeks.

The softest smirk grazed his perfect lips and it made her heart beat faster, "Violet." He said in his low raspy voice while he brought his hand to her cheek and brushed his thumb along her lips.

God she felt that somewhere else.

"Sir." She managed to get out.

"I need you to put this on." He broke away from her as Violets curious gaze followed him.

She finally took in the room, the walls were decked out with guns of all sizes, corresponding magazines hung close to the guns they went with. There were knives, grenades, and swords and a couple tables along the wall. There was a wall with what she assumed was his assassin uniform, and a couple other clear mannequins with suits on. But one of empty because Archer was wearing the suit.

Violets mouth hung open and fear filled her eyes as she slowly turned around.

Archer looked over at her and raised an eyebrow, "you've never seen weapons before?"

"Not...this many."

"A day in the life." He sighed sarcastically and turned around holding out a bagged outfit.

"What's this?" Violet asked taking the heavy bag.

"A dress. You're coming with me."

Violets blood froze. She looked up at Archer quickly with wide eyes like a doe caught in headlights. The words repeated in her head confirming she heard them correctly. She inhaled the crisp scent of death and metal in the room and held it there.

"W-what? Go with you. When you k-kill someone." She said shakily.

He rolled his eyes and connected his glare with hers, "yes, Violet."

"B-but I don't want-"

"Listen-" he grabbed her and slammed her against a wall, both his hands on either side of her head. She shut up quickly as a dark blush fanned across her cheeks. She stared up in his eyes before her gaze faltered and she stared at the ground.

"Look at me." He grabbed her chin and tilted it up. Her face was inches from his. She took a deep breath and took in his rosewood smell. Violet met his green eyes and put a hand on his chest softly, feeling the contours of his muscles underneath his suit jacket as she dragged her hand down.

"I want you near me at all times. That's when you're the safest. It's my job to protect you. I hate it when your anywhere that's not with me." He growled out but his voice was surprisingly gentle. His words tickles her ear and sent shivers throughout her body.

As soon as he said that somehow the idea of being with him while he killed someone sounded...good. Safe. Which was absolutely insane especially because just a minute ago the idea brought on a boat of anxiety.

"You'll keep me safe? A-and I don't wanna see the guy die" She mumbled as he leaned down to graze his perfectly smooth lips across the sensitive skin of her neck.

He nodded and slowly trailed his hands down her side and onto the small of her back, "yes baby girl." His lips kissed some of the light bruises there.

Her breathing picked up and she leaned her head to the side, a warm feeling filling her. She wrapped her arms around and held him there as he started to kiss her more aggressively. His tongue working on the most sensitive parts making her moan. His hands explored more of her body groping her soft round ass.

He pinned her hips back into the wall abruptly and ground his bulge into her. She gasped and heard a deep moan sound from Archer before he pulled away. He picked up the dress that fell on the floor and handed it to her.

"Get dressed, we leave in a few hours."


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