35| Her Dance

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_______________________________________A nauseating pang struck through Violet

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A nauseating pang struck through Violet. Every one of Nathan's words felt like the tip of a knife twisting into her skin.

He talked about her like she was their dinner.

She turned white as a ghost and her lips pursed uneasily, silence settled between Archer and the black swan.

People in the room glanced around, lingering their eyes on the scene. Some looked at Violet as if assessing a threat, others looked at her like they wanted to devour her.

Either way, she wanted nothing more to turn the gazes away from her and Archer.

The black swan looked across the crowd and then back at Nathan, the man in the lion mask sent a knowing smile his way.

The swan snarled nastily at Archer but stepped back, "watch your back, prick."

Nathan started to delve into some pointless ramble to start the ball, "let me just say, thank you all for coming!"

The crowds attentions was swept back up in the golden attractants that were Nathan Rose, and soon the last of the devilish sharp eyes were off the two of them.

Violet looked up at Archer at her side as Nathan spoke about pervious balls, "seriously?" She said.

"What." He didn't meet her gaze, she knew he was well aware of his mistake.

"What happened to lying low? Not talking to anyone?" She leaned in slowly and crossed her arms, her eyes scanned the room.

"Not making a scene." She whispered and nudged him, forcing his startling and beautiful green eyes to look into hers.

He sighed and clenched his jaw, trying hard to not let his emotion leak into his eyes. And he was doing a good job at it too.

"Well, I reserve the right to break my rules." He shrugged simply and smirked satisfyingly ahead of him, as if imaging the way he easily bodied that guy.

"I would've killed him, Violet. Without hesitation if he hurt you." He mumbled simply as if it didn't mean anything, his smug mischievous smirk settled on the man dressed as a black swan. His hand slipped possessively around the small of her back, settling with an electric touch on her hip.

She shivered and bit her lip softly as he leaned down close, his warm breath tickling her skin. She felt the presence of his large dominating body, his lips close to her ear.

He whispered in a low husky voice, "I would do vicious things to anyone who attempted to even touch you." His hand slowly slide up the skin on her open back dress, his fingers claiming every inch of her.

"Wolf. There's something you're gonna wanna hear." Donavan addressed Archer in his alias as he joined them. He had broken away for a moment to count the exits while Nathan went on his annual spiel.

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