37| Her Value

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_______________________________________Blunt trauma to the head can result in contusions, abrasions, lacerations, internal hemorrhages, bone fractures, and even death

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Blunt trauma to the head can result in contusions, abrasions, lacerations, internal hemorrhages, bone fractures, and even death.

Yet, all Violet could feel when she woke up in a dimly lit bedroom was a crushing fear that seemed to take her breath away.

She surveyed the room immediately, empty. She laid in the lavish gold bed alone. Once reality started to settle in and the shock wore off, she felt the searing throbbing in her head and instantly went to get up.

But she was jerked to halt when cold metal stopped her. Her writs were bounded to the bed post in heavy handcuffs.

Violet felt her heart hammering in her chest, consuming all the sound in the room. She panted quickly and winced against the throbbing pain in her head.

She jerked her hands down hard but the bonds barely moved. Her feet were bounded together with coarse rope, she kicked and she thrashed but all she had to show for it was pain and the suffocating feeling of helplessness.

Where am I. Was all her frantic mind could muster up. Her jumbled up thoughts fought frantically to recall anything that made sense.

How did I get here? I was in the hallways with Archer. I stayed with him...I was supposed to be safe.

Hot tears burned the softness of her cool eyes, but Violet bit her lip and shook her head forcing them to not pass the threshold of her eyes.

If she cried her fear became real. She had to stay strong.

She looked down at her body, she was stripped down to nothing but her undergarments. Her black lace underwear set, her garter belt holding up her stockings, and her tight black corset concealing all her weapons.

She rotated her thigh and arched her back, she didn't see or feel any of her knives, they took them.

Violet's eyes darted around the room, trying to get a better look through the dimmed lights.

There were two windows but both had thick iron bars bolted over them.

The door was closed and appeared to be locked but she couldn't tell. There were two doors in front of her. One had a sliver of piercing gold light under the door frame.

Someone was in there.

Violet tried desperately to calm the beating of her heart as it filled her body. But hearing slow approaching footsteps behind the door made her blood drain from her body and everything seemed to still.

The door opened and standing in the door frame was a wicked smile and cruel intentions.

Nathan Rose slung his gold coat over hid shoulder and raked a disgusting eye up and down her sprawled out body.

Violet jerked on the restraints violently feeling basically naked under his eyes, "what did you do."

"What did I do? My dear, you make me laugh." He threw a gold tiger mask on a chair in the corner of the room.

"Where is Archer! What did you do with him, he was protecting me you disgusting-" she spat out at him struggling harder against the ropes and chains as he approached her.

Nathan snarled and roughly grabbed her face in his hands yanking her frantic gaze towards his.

"Watch you're fucking mouth Vixen. Let's remember who is bonded in front of me." He leaned in closer and glared at her, "I won. You are mine now."

He aggressively threw her face to the side and backed up. Nathan straightened a hand through his hair and huffed. His gaze set ahead of him, he smirked.

"You speak so highly of Archer, yet you forget moments ago darling."

Violet stayed silent, she was scared to speak. Afraid of the answer to her words.

"No matter how much you listen and how much love you spill out onto the ground for him. It will always be just be a puddle to step in to that man." Nathan walked to the other side of the bed, dragging his fingers along the duvet.

"You listened and excelled at his commands, I'm sure in return for the promise of safety and affection. But without a second thought he takes off without you. Leaving you defenseless."

"It's not true." Violet yelled trashing harder against the restraints because the pain from that masked the pain of her hot tears streaming down her face, "I don't believe you!"

"Oh it is dear. He went running off just as I suspected, and that's when I got you." Nathan dragged a finger under her chin making a queasy feeling well up in her stomach.

"He doesn't care about you darling." He cashed a piteous glare down at her.

Violet stared at the ceiling above her, his world crashing down on her in this tiny room. Her tiny body slipping down to the edge of the dark abyss that seemed to open up on the bed. Trying not to fall in but, there was a reality she hated to face.

Archer didn't care.

She closed her eyes and felt the hot tears as they became cold.

"Stop you're crying, gem. Even if he doesn't see the value in you, I do, my vixen." He crawled onto the bed, a twisted smile on his lips.

He grabbed her face in his hands, more gently this time, and she didn't have the strength to fight it. A hole was craved fresh into her chest, bleeding the light from her eyes.

She gave in, doing the one thing she seemed wonderful at.


"I promise you, Violet...you are the prize." He whispered into her ear as a cloth was placed slowly over her face.

And she slipped into the ecstasy of darkness.


Blaring voice, vicious cheers, and barbaric cries filled her waking mind.

Violet blinked against her fuzzy vision trying to focus in on her surroundings as the booming sound of a hoard of people filled her throbbing head.

She groaned and strained against her arms as she leaned up. Violet blinked a few more times to see metal bars encompassing her. She was in small cage. Prison maybe? Like a bird.

A large gold blanket was cloaked over the entirety of the cage, making it so only glimpses of raging bright light and loud cheers seeped into her prison.

She scattered back against a large shiny pole in the center of the cage as her senses poured back into her.

Violet panted as the loud atmosphere and strange noises over simulated her. She blinked slowly and looked down hazily at her outfit. She was changed into a some slutty revealing red lingerie. Making her look more like an object than a person.

Suddenly the puzzle pieces fit together.

Nathan's words repeated in her head. 'Even if he doesn't see the value in you, I do, my vixen.' 'I promise you, Violet...you are the prize.'

The gold blanket was ripped away from the cage making Violet squint against the blaring spot lights on her. Hundreds of people sat in a sea of gold along the stadium walls, watching her as she laid, exposed, in her glittering cage held on a pedestal above.

The ringing in her ears cleared way to a booming voice blaring across the loud speakers.

"And now! Before our final race I reveal to you our grand prize this year!"

Violet scrambled to her feet, her heart beating out of her chest, she frantically raised her arms to hide her delicate body that was on display for all.

She leaned against the pole and blinked against the light.

"The lovely Miss Vixen."


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