12| His Fun

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~mature content warning~

————————————————————Archer tossed the frail girl down on his bed

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Archer tossed the frail girl down on his bed. His body swirling with Dominance and anger after she made him wait.

Archer didn't wait.

He fucked.

He trailed his eyes over her frantic rising and falling chest, enjoying how her breasts filled out the innocent lace. He bit his lip hard to keep himself from tearing it off her.

He turned away from her and walked towards a door near his bed. He looked back at her over his shoulder catching her curious eyes. He smirked devilishly making her face waver and color fill her cheeks.

He walked into the closet and grabbed something. A paddle.

He came out of the closet and walked over to her. He tossed the toy on the bed making her flinch and inspect it carefully. Such a curious girl.

A curious girl he was about to fuck the shit out of.

The idea made blood rush down to his cock and it grew in his pants. Violet seemed to notice and a tiny flicker of a smirk cross her lips. Archer pulled off his shirt as Violet started to crawl over to him on the bed. Her ass swaying through the air her eyes pools of pure lust. He groaned as she came over to him and put her hands on the bulge through his pants rubbing it.

His cock twitched to get out of his pants and feel her small lips struggle to fit around his length. Violet connected her eyes with his and giggled, making sure she held eye contact with him as she rubbed and dragged her tongue along his length through his pants.

He saw exactly what she was trying to do. Archer growled and grabbed her neck, he pulled her up to her knees and leaned down so she was face to face with him.

She gasped and panted a guilty look in her eyes. He squeezed his fingers a bit tighter around her neck and pulled her face closer to his so his lips brushed against hers while he spoke.

"Don't you fucking dare try to tease me whore." He said sharply into her lips before she nodded weakly. He released his hold and pushed her back on the bed.

He grabbed the paddle and traced his fingers along the edge, "get on your hands and knees."

Violet complied and moved so her ass was facing him. "I want you to count after each spank. Up to five" He said as he rubbed a hand over her round ass giving it a squeeze.

Archer heard her let out a breathy moan and nod slightly, his cock stiffened in his pants and he groaned. He honestly just wanted this punishment to be over with so he could slam his dick inside of her.

He took the paddle and rubbed a small circle over her ass before lifting and bringing it down hard on her ass.

She squeaked and jerked forward, "that hurt." She whines and looked up at him with the sexiest pout ever.

He bit his lip hard to contain himself, "it isn't supposed to tickle. Now count."

"One." She sighed out and gripped the sheet harder. He watched her squeeze her eyes shut and lay her head on the bed. Her perfectly pink lips parted with a small moan.

Archer grabbed the paddle and slapped it against her again. She jerked forward and yelped her eyes shooting open to connect with his helplessly. He fed off that look the dominance fueling inside of him. He cursed under his breath and gripped her hips pushed her ass up against his bulge grinding into her.

"Two..." she moaned breathlessly her mouth opening wider as helpless pleas filled the air. His hard bulge pushed hard into her.

Archer couldn't contain himself anymore. Fuck five he need to feel her. He pushed her panties to the side and rubbed his fingers over her soaked pussy.

He groaned, "look at you." Archer smirked devilishly as he looked at Violet's blushing lusty face. She looked at him and bit her finger to contain her needy moans.

Archer took off his shirt and undid his belt. He stepped out of his pants leaving him in only his boxers. His impressive length tented in his underwear nearly bursting out. Her gaze trailed down his body and her light green eyes grew darker with lust. He heard her whimper, "sir," ever so quietly.

He glided a hand down the curve of her body gently, feeling her smooth skin under his calloused palm. His other hand pulling his boxers down. He gripped her long blond locks roughly pulling her head back.

She gasped before he slammed his thick cock inside of her. Her wetness slicking his length making him fall deeper inside her pussy.

Violet closed her eyes and arched her back from the sudden feeling of him filling every inch of her up. She panted and swirled her hips back on his loving how the pleasure mixed with the pain.

Archer started thrusting into her, his veiny cock slamming back into her. He didn't go gently, with ever stroke he wanted to hear her moan even more. He was animal, enthralled in her movements and sweet pleas for him.

He grabbed her hips squeezing them roughly with his large hands. He slapped her ass and groaned as he hit her g-spot repeatedly. She was so tight it drove him fucking mad. He leaned his head back and bit his lip his body loving the feeling spreading through him like a whole fire.

He watch Violet moan and bounce on his cock, her eyes lolling back with lustful ecstasy across her face. The room was hot, and Archer was relishing every moment.

She felt so good wrapped around him. He pounded into her harder and he felt his climax building up. He growled and grabbed both her hips pulling her back into his cock as he slammed into it.

She screamed his name filling the room with her blissful moans.

"Fuck, get on your knees in front of me now." He moaned and pulled out.

He rubbed his cock hard as she crawled in front of him. Archer looked down at violet as she sat on her legs and opened her mouth sticking out her tongue.

Archer ran his fingers through her hair than down over her hot wet tongue. He couldn't hold back anymore.

"Fuck babygirl." He reached down and grabbed her neck. She let out a slutty moan and closed her eyes wrapping her lips around his tip as he came.

He groaned and pulled out looking down at her. He panted as a feeling of dominance and protectiveness swirled inside of him. She smirked slightly and opened her mouth showing him his white cum on her tongue.

She closed her mouth and swallowed his load her eyes holding so much lust and devotion for him.

He almost went for round two seeing that.


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