34| His Race

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A sea of gold washed over his eyes as the large black gates opened for Archer's limo. They pulled into the long driveway to the roundabout where car doors opened and masked faces exited in devious chatter.

The large extravagant mansion was lit up on the outside with fluorescent lights hidden in the ground. It casted a looming glow over the building making the shadows seem dangerous and the highlights even more threatening.

He was disgusted. Rage filled his core for this whole event and even more so for Nathan. He hated everything about this. His tightened his fist and glared out the window with a clenched jaw as people filed into the building.

The car stopped in front of the doors as the line of cars pulled forward.

"Masks." Donovan reminded me everyone as none had bothered to put it on yet.

Violet looked down at her lap and picked her golden fox mask. She carefully placed it on her face and secured it. She flipped her hair over the ties in the back hiding them completely.

She turned to archer, her face hidden behind the mirage of gold. Only her plush lips and jaw was visible.

Donovan put his owl mask on over his smile lined face, and Archer couldn't help but smile at how fitting the owl was for this wise old man.

Finally, Archer put on her gold wolf mask, his identity forever a secret to these people. He would keep it that way.

"Alright, is everyone ready?" Archer questioned sternly, his tone cold and serious.

He watched Donavan nod confidently and Violet bit her lip, "yes." She said.

And with that he opened the door.

Archer got out first, instinctively hovering his hand over the weapon in his pants and scanning the room. Donavan got out and fiddled with his tie and finally Violet stepped out.

Eyes naturally wandered over in her direction and lingered on her glittering body highlighted in gold. She really did look amazing, among the crowd she managed to stand out.

Archer wanted to throw her back in the car as a nasty glare set on his face at everyone looking at her. The way he wanted to kill everyone who stared at her like a piece of meat, like she was theirs, overwhelmed him.

He groaned and whipped around standing in front of Violet, shielding her slightly as the prying eyes from hungry people started to make her squirm.

"Let's get inside." He grumbled out angrily and they nodded.

As they walked up to the doors and joined the crowd. He saw that they were still doing introductions. Archer rolled his eyes at the theatrics Nathan went to.

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