29| Her Dangerous Understanding

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____________________________________Violet was still having a hard time unloadingeverything in her mind

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Violet was still having a hard time unloading
everything in her mind. The things she had thought she knew about Archer was torn down in about three seconds.

He cries? The man who barely showed any emotions even when killing another human being...cried.

She didn't understand. What did he see? What did he do? What set him off to break down and hold her like she might turn to water and seep through his arms.

She was worried more than anything.

Violet laid down in his huge bed, feeling the unsteady almost shaky warm breath on her neck coming from Archer. His arms held her tight and flush to his body.

His hand resting over top of hers as she lied awake. She knew he was awake too.

Every sound that cut through the silence in the night, every rustle of the wind that sang in the air and trees, and even the small sound of his own breathing jostled him awake like a protective hound.

He was alert.

Violet felt safe though, dangerously safe.

The heaters in the large house clicked in the room as they kicked on and Archer jerked his head up.

She turned around to face him in the bed, her eyes gentle meeting his shattered ones. He turned to her and squeezed her close to his chest. She saw a comforted sigh leave his lips as he looked at her soft face.

"You're still awake. Sleep baby." He whispered through his coarse voice as his hands rose to cup her cheek.

Violets breathing caught in her throat as he stilled into the comforting and inviting touch. It was such a stark difference from how he usually acted around her.

"W-what- where is this coming from." She mumbled her words not holding any harsh or accusatory meanings. Just confused.

She was so confused.

He didn't talk, he just tightened his jaw and looked at her. Looked at her like she was the only thing that made sense, the only thing that stilled the darkness at bay. His eyes looked frantic, like they were trying to forget and rewrite sins that they saw. He just shook his head and tangled a hand into her hair. Each movement of his on her skin felt jagged and protective, scared almost.

"What happened tonight Archer, you didn't kill that man." Violet leaned forward and mumbled against his lips. She allowed her anger and frustration with him to melt into the background. The worry she felt overwhelming her as frantic warmth spread over her heart.

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