18| His Protection

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Warning: guns and gore
Also picture of Nathan above

Warning: guns and goreAlso picture of Nathan above

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Was Archer's first thought. The second.

Nathan Rose.

Jumping into action, He shielded Violet before the bomb exploded sending smoke everywhere. He reacted in seconds, pulling his face mask around his neck up his face covering it from the nose down.

He turned to the shaking female and grabbed her shoulders, staring at her frantic eyes intently.

"Violet, you stay in this dressing room and do not come out no matter what you hear, understand?" He demanded, urgency lacing his words.

"B-but what if y-you're-" she stuttered out but before she could finish archer interjected.

"Under no circumstances will you leave here!" He said louder. His heart was racing, it never did that? Ever. Why was he worried.

He shook off the feeling and registered her scared look, she was terrified.

Archer pulled on his mask briefly and forced on an easy going smirk, "Plus you know I'll kick this guys ass babygirl." In the spur of the moment he kissed her cheek tenderly, enjoying the feeling like it was his last before pulling the mask up and running out of the dressing room.

He looked for something heavy, his eyes landed immediately on a display table.

He ran over to it and swiped all the contents off the top, he grabbed it and pushed it over to Violet's dressing room door.

Stealthily, he moved through the smoke like he was a part of it. He moved behind clothing racks and mannequins keeping his eyes peeled.

Nathan was here somewhere, and he knew it wasn't to say hi and catch up.

He wanted Violet.

"Oh, Reaper. You look sad to see me? Why's that, did you not anticipate my visit?." And there he was, emerging from the fog. He stood on the other side of the store. He chuckled and tapped his chin, "I suppose planting a tracker on you isn't really the same as a text. But hey, I guess I'm out of touch."

Archer glared at him and straightened, his fist tightening. "I don't have time for you shit Nathan. I'm going to rip your throat out with my fucking teeth and shove it up your ass. And you know I can."

"Oh I'd say that the thousands of people five feet under can vouch for that, dear friend." He said through a menacing smile, "but you see....I'm immortal." He chuckled as seven of Nathan's finest men emerged from the smoke.

"I'll be back when he is dead and the girl is in our possession. I'd do it myself, but blood is terribly difficult to get out of these Armani suits. You understand right?" Nathan flashed a wicked charming smile before turning around and waving as the men closed in on Archer.

"I'm going to kill you, Nathan." Archer growled out as he reached into his jacket and pulled out two guns and aimed them ahead.

"Naturally, Reaper." He only took a second to look back and shoot a wink before walking out.

Okay. Now it was just Archer and ten guys ready to kill him.

Normal Tuesday if you ask me.

"Okay, so who's gonna try and kill me."

One of the guys volunteered first, and the rest followed. He lunged at Archer which he evaded easily, using the but of his gun to knock into the guys face. He then grabbed him swiftly following the rhythm of his movements flawlessly. He used the guy as a shield as another guy shot at Archer. The bullet stopping in the guys chest.

Archer threw the dead goon and raised both guns firing one at the man who shot at him hitting him square between the eyebrows. He didn't wait to watch his body fall.

Instead, he elbowed the one running up behind in the face. As he hunched over Archer grabbed his head and flipped over him so he was behind him now.

He grabbed the guys arm and twisted it behind his back, pinning him. Archer used his vulnerability and snapped his neck.

He was outnumbered and they all had guns, there was no way he'd make it out alive. He needed to get rid of their ability to see, the smoke was good but it was starting to settle.

Luckily, Victoria secret was already dimly lit and closed off from the rest of the mall.

That's a benefit of walking into the lingerie store, dark is sexy.

He aimed his gun swiftly up at the ceiling taking out all of the lights with rapid speed. And soon they were in darkness.

Archer thrives in the dark, he practically had night vision he was so used to seeing through it. He grabbed his knife from his boot and grabbed a guys head from behind. Yanking it back, he took the knife and stabbed it into his eye. He twisted it a few times before throwing his body aside. The remaining guys shot aimlessly, but archer was fast. He took his gun and rammed it into some guys mouth shooting the bullet through his head as he shot another dead with his other gun.

The last two guys ran frantically for the door. Archer wasn't going to let that happen. He smirked as he grabbed his knife from the guys eye and chucked it with accuracy at ones head. Killing him as he simultaneously shot other through the heart dead.

The room went quiet, all besides the dressing room door rattling and the soft sobs of Violet.

He ran to the room, throwing the display aside before he yanked open the door.

Violet gasped and looked up at him, her eyes looked frantically over his still body.

"You're covered in blood! Are you okay. Where did they hurt you." She yelled patting him down, looking for any wounds hurriedly.

He grabbed he hands abruptly and steadied her, "Violet...its not my blood."

She stared up at him for a minute, before collapsing into his arms. He embraced her, burying his head into her hair as he sighed and whispered, "we have to get out of here, and quickly."


"Where are we?" Violet questioned as they stood at the beginning of an overgrown trail leading into some thick woods

"It's not safe to go back to my house. Nathan said he planted a tracker on me so he has that location. I've told Donavan and he sent all staff home and is getting to a safe location himself. My safe house is hours away from here, and being on the road is too risky right now. We are going to camp out till tomorrow night. I have emergency equipment in the car." Archer spoke, staring emotionlessly into the dark forest. His eyes glasses over almost as if he was seeing through it. His whole demeanor was distant.

"Oh o-okay." She held in a nervous breath as she glanced at the sky.

The sun was starting to set.

A/n: sorry to all the Lucifer fans (myself included), Tom Ellis is the face claim for that beast Nathan. He was just the most fitting.

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