8| Her Submission

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————————————————————Violet laid down in her bed staring at the ceiling

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Violet laid down in her bed staring at the ceiling.

Archer had washed her up and got her dressed in some comfy clothes. She was very very weak after her punishment. Her body had felt pushed and shaky and she wanted to curl up and sleep.

But now that she was laying down that's the only thing she couldn't do.

Her body was in a frenzy.

She felt a craving for Archer. A new found need that pulled the core of her heart into doing anything for him to feel what his hands could do to pleasure her. She wanted to feel his length stroking inside of her soft walls till she screamed.

Her cheeks blushed and she shivered slightly in her bed. She cooed and gripped the bottom of her shirt as she bit her finger to keep her thoughts at bay.

She wanted to be near him, she wanted to touch him, she hated distance.

What was this?

He called it submission.

She thought she had a fever.

She groaned and squirmed in her bed wearing what archer dressed her in for bed. Some Calvin Klein panties and one of his gray t-shirts that was a dress on her.

She buried her nose into the fabric and inhaled him like a drug. Her cheeks burned and and she nearly whimpered with the urge to bit her lip or touch herself to the thought of him. But something kept her from doing it.

Violet turned on her side and sighed. She wanted to be with him right now, touching him.

She pulled the covers off her delicate curvy body and pressed the warm pads of her feet into the fluffy carpet under her bed.

She tip toed off the carpet and on the cold hard wood floor over to her door. It was very late. The house was dead, even deader then it usually was.

She opened her large door slowly thanking it for not creaking.

The bell on her collar jingled from her movements making her jump and clasp a hand over it.

She waited a moment before walking out of her room sneakily and closing the door behind her. She was praying she wasn't going to get into trouble for this, she went over the rules and 'coming into your room at 2:00 am' wasn't not allowed.

She walked quickly over to the stairs, the space around her dark and eerie.

His mansion was already dark with lights on, without them this was a boarder line horror movie.

She went up the stairs and walked down the short hallway to the very large doorway that led into his room.

Her lip quivered slightly and she gulped. Violets hands found the hem of her shirt where she fiddled with it twirling it around her hand.

She walked up to the door and leaned in closer to hear some rustling and the light soft murmur of a television.

He's up at this hour? She thought, but in his defense...so was she.

She knocked weakly twice but her soft hands made such a delicate sound she thought he didn't even hear it past the large oak door. She went to knock again but before she could a deep raspy voice sounded.

"Come in." He said in his normal cold voice.

She opened the door and was blown away by the size. There were multiple parts and sections and doors leading into places she wasn't sure she wanted to know about. It was decorated the opposite of hers. Her bedroom was light and airy, his was dark and had deep reds and crimsons decorating the bed where he laid and the carpets. There was led lights installed in the room making the room appear magenta.

And the walls screamed. They whispered. Drew her in and made her dizzy with desire, it filled her nose and her body, making her senses tingle.

Finally her eyes fell into his intense amused gaze.

She sucked in a breath and became nervous and hot under that gaze. She looked at the floor and dug her foot into the carpet.

"U-uhm sorry, I j-just-" she pushed her bangs back over her head but they just fell back into place over her forehead as she struggled for a not so pathetic sounding answer.

"Come here." He spoke deeply commanding her.

Her body seemed to move without her knowing. She listened to his words easily and walked over to the edge of his large bed.

He probably has huge orgies in this bed. She thought.

He sat up in the bed and set his laptop on the nightstand next to his bed. He shifted over closer to
Her and took her soft chin into his hand rubbing a finger over her soft bottom lip as his eyes intimidating deep green eyes wandered over her features.

"Kitten couldn't sleep?" He spoke softly in his coarse deep voice. Violet blushed and let her eyes relax from his touch, she sighed and shook her head no.

"What's were you thinking about...Hm?" He smirked slyly as he felt her face get hot and her eyes shift. He could read her like a book, she knew he was probably reading her thoughts right now.

"U-uhm." She stuttered out, not wanting to admit her desires.

"Use your words." He said sternly making her shut her stutters up by closing her lips.

"You. I was thinking about your touch, and h-how i wanted it. R-really wanted it." She blushed and looked down as he cupped her cheek and ran his fingers through her hair.

Her body remember him gripping her hair and heat poured into her core.

He growled and grabbed her hips pulling her on his lap so she was straddling him. She felt his impressive length under her and it took everything in her not to start pleasuring herself against it. She gasped and place a hand on his chest staring deeply into his gaze.

"You look so innocent but inside your just filled with lethal lust huh?" He whispered against her neck and rubbed a hand down her back making her whimper.

"You like my hands huh?" His other hand found its ways to her panties to feel the wetness that pooled there. He smirked devilishly at her mad blushing and breathless pants. "Look at you become so undone and I've barely done anything." He teased making her shy her desire filled face away and part her soft baby pink lips.

"Don't be embarrassed. Look at me."

She turned her head to meet his gaze again. He smirked, "I like it...so don't be embarrassed. Now lay across my lap and go to bed kitten."

She nodded gently and moved so she was laying over his lap. She hugged a pillow under her and laid her head into the soft scent of him. Her ass propped up on his lap he groaned and rubbed his hand over her ass pushing the t-shirt up as he did it. She felt his strong hand grip her thigh making her giggle slightly and relax.

And before she knew it she was dead asleep.


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