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Enemies with benefits by lavender-fields
Enemies with benefitsby Lavender fields
Colby hated one guy and one guy only. This guy stole his chance to become captain of the football team, mocks him in front of the team and -the cherry on top- slept with...
Detention boy by 10ChxptxrStxrxes
Detention boyby Rhia
I feel the awkwardness fill the room as he moves his desk closer to mine. Soon we aren't to far apart and whispers in my ear. "I can imagine how good your insides...
"If you cum, You wear a vibrator for tonight's dinner" #1 IN SHORT #1 IN TAEHYUNG #4 in Taekook #2 in Newstory SHORSTORY
Making Love to the Hockey Team  by icebite4
Making Love to the Hockey Team by icebite4
XXX... This short story is completely and utterly filled with sex and lusting. Do NOT read if you're not looking to get aroused. You've been warned. Extremely Sexual X...
TWH  by writingtokeepbusy
TWH by
Baby Hiddles meets his sister's best friend from uni. Fun and smut ensues. Time lines changed. Characters made up. Fun was had by all!
Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest (18+) by whosprettynow
Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetes...by 🖤
A young girl is obsessed and infatuated with her fathers successful and attractive best friend. [short story] Basically a tale of long awaited confessions and terminated...
Hoenata's Oneshots by chibichan_desu
Hoenata's Oneshotsby Chibi-Chan
Just Hinata being the greatest bottom of all times. Requests are Open! Lemons? Yes Angst? Yes Fluff? Yes Kinky Stuff? Hell Yeah
He Started Out As My Study Buddy - H.S. by dmbfck
He Started Out As My Study Buddy...by DmbFck
After Noelia's teacher, Mrs Callum, notices her grades have been dropping, she decides it would be a great idea for her oldest step son, Harry, to help out in the lackin...
His pretty little doll.  by babylovesigh
His pretty little doll. by babylovesigh
"Lay still for me, let daddy play with his doll" he growled. I whimpered pulling against the ropes keeping me from touching him. That's all I wanted to do was...
Yes sir... Daddy (Riren +18) by amant_anime
Yes sir... Daddy (Riren +18)by Amant Anime
Based off the Riren Lyric Prank video - DDLG (+18)
VHOPE/VOPE in college Roommates  by hobitae_land
VHOPE/VOPE in college Roommates by vhope daughter
❤ 🌙[completed ]☀ ❤ ..{When two boys with different world endup living together what will happen } ~♪ ? ? ? My English is not goo...
Smuts by cosmoeticbaby
Smutsby xurv
feeling horny? this may help you
AShield [BTSxReader] by torisoda22
AShield [BTSxReader]by PrincessTaeBby
Jeon Y/N the only AShield in existence. In a world full of humans, demons, vampires, angels, cyclops, witches, werewolves, fairies, hybrids, mermaids, elves, and dwarves...
Sadistic Dominant (Chat Noir/Adrien x Reader...WARNING-Smut!) by Gimme20Dollazplz
Sadistic Dominant (Chat Noir/Adrie...by arianna cativo
Chat Noir is Paris' superhero. Everyone knows this for a fact. But do they know the history of Chat Noir? Chat Noir is said to be a flirty and the dominant one. But do y...
Bʟʏᴛʜᴇ. by soulmace
Bʟʏᴛʜᴇ.by el.
BLYTHE. (noun) Happiness, cheerfulness. Someone who's joyful. Zoe doesn't remember the exact date she got ill. All she knows is that once she was fine and then she wasn'...
All I Wanted | Sapnap x Reader by bubbly_micn
All I Wanted | Sapnap x Readerby bubbly_micn
You've been watching the Dream Team for a while and couldn't help but love their content. However, you never expected to meet them in person, let alone become close to t...
Forbidden Love- BakuDeku smutshots by smoll_bean_todoroki
Forbidden Love- BakuDeku smutshotsby Writer Todoroki
BakuDeku smutshots ⚠️NONE ARE BY ME⚠️ All of them are smutty and 18+, don't like? Don't read! The story cover is DRAWN and MADE by ME! Please do not repost my art! All a...
D̶o̶m̶ T̶a̶e̶ ? ||  T•T•H & J•J•K = Taekook  by btsexoastrosuper
D̶o̶m̶ T̶a̶e̶ ? || T•T•H & J•J•K...by btsexoastrosuper
Tae try's to be dom to Kook but secretly is sub and thinks he can TOP KOOK and try's to hide he's a crossdresser has two accounts Tigertae: almost always active Kitt...
Life isn't a drama  (seongjoong) by itsawhatever
Life isn't a drama (seongjoong)by itsawhatever
(completed) The story is about a 17-year-old boy named Kim Hongjoong who has good grades and works at the local cafe. One day at the cafe someone bumps into him makin...