20| His Distraction

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The smell of cedar wood and pine filled the air in their small tent, but even more intoxicating was Violet sleeping next to Archer.

He woke up before Violet, often the case, and her sleeping body laid there peacefully not a worried wrinkle on her smooth skin. The soft smell of her shampoo filled his nose and ignited ever nerve in his body.

Archer dragged his hand up her side slowly, letting his fingers trail along the warmth of her skin.

Violet was pretty much pressed up against him all night since she was only wearing his underwear and her bra to bed. The days where starting to warm up but the nights could get brutal still.

He didn't mind it thought, he liked having her close to him. It put his mind at ease and he actually got some sleep. Whether he would admit that out loud or not it was true.

She felt like an innocent bunny curled up into a grey wolf.

He let his hands explore her skin, dragging along the skin just under her bra.

Archer heard her moan softly in her sleep and scoot closer to him, her plump ass rubbing right against his barely covered bulge.

The man groaned a whispered cursed as his hands found her hips and tightened possessively. He quickly felt himself developing a hard erection.

He didn't even wake up with morning wood today but even in her sleep she made him hot and bothered.

Archer cursed and forced himself to get up out of bed. He'd fuck her till she couldn't walk later when she was awake to remember every thrust.

He got up and ready quietly being very cautious not to wake her, which was just all kinds of weird for Archer.

He had to remind himself he shouldn't care whether or not she slept in, Violet was his.

He shook his head and sighed. He had bigger things to fuss over.

One being the heat.

Archer didn't recall checking the weather but if we extremely sunny and hot. The suns rays blazing down on him, seemingly penetrating the shade of the trees.

He grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled on it slightly as the heat started to warm his body even more than Violet managed to this morning.

Archers eyes swept across the peaceful scene till it focused on the glittering lake, the water looked like liquid gold under the warm glow of the hot sun, and incredibly inviting.

Plus he could probably use a quick wash after everything too.

He walked over to the waters edges and looked down at the calm rippling water before grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling the fabric over his head ruffling his black hair messily.

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