3| His Request

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——————————————————Archer sat at the head of the large table that was never filled by anyone but him and sometimes Donavan

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Archer sat at the head of the large table that was never filled by anyone but him and sometimes Donavan.

He groaned and looked down at the watch on his wrist. Dinner would be coming out in 2 minutes and he didn't take kindly to tardiness.

He leaned back in his chair and pulled out his phone when he heard the doors open to the dinning room.

He looked up quickly and saw Violet bashfully walk in his her hands held in front of her and a blush set on her soft cheeks. Her hair was done with two stands of her gold locks in the front were pinned back making her look very cute.

His eyes then traveled down her body to see the simple day dress he'd chosen for her. It was white with a small sunflower pattern. It flattered her body and curves wonderfully and he was abruptly reminded why he wanted her so badly.

His staring at her body only seemed to make her more flustered so he decided to meet her eyes with his cold gaze, "You barely made it on time."

"I'm sorry, it takes a little while to do my hair, because it's really thick, after a shower. U-uhm where should I sit?"

Archer had the urge to walk up and grab her timid self and pin her against the wall. But he calmed his imagination and nodded to the first seat on his right.

She walked over and pulled the chair out sitting down.

As soon as she sat down Donavan wheeled in a cart with two plates on them. He watched Violets wide curious eyes turn towards the steaming plates and her lips part.

She must be starving... He thought to himself as Donavan came over and set both plates in front of them.

"Thank you." She looked up at Donavan and smiled sweetly.

Archer raised and eyebrow and met the old mans eyes. She says thank you? He thought.

Donavan chuckled softly and turned to her, "No problem Miss." he nodded before sending Archer a sly glance as if saying.

She's much nicer then you, I like her.

Yeah well big surprise there. He thought and rolled his eyes before looking down at his plate.

"Tonight's dinner, the chef has prepared a French dish called Bouillabaisse. The dish has Scorpionfish, sea Robin, and European conger. Enjoy." He bowed slightly before walking out with the cart.

Violet looked starved so he let her enjoy her meal for a moment. She ate quickly but quietly and neatly. Once she reached for her glass of wine, he spoke.

"Did you see your room." He looked up at her wondering how one person could hold so much emotion in their face without getting tired.

"Well, yes and no. Donavan showed me where it was but I didn't see inside of it." He said casually before knitting her eyebrows together and shaking her head. "But this is all a lot to take in. I'm facing a big decision and I don't even know what the other option is." She avoided his gaze looking down at her plate.

"Well, as you know you should be dead, and I got paid for killing you. Which I didn't do. So I'm risking a lot here. I work with dangerous people and I see disgusting things that no human could even imagine. It's everyone's worst nightmares nightmare. And I love it. I guess my morals and emotions are switched off or some shit- but regardless. You have no idea what some people would do to a pretty girl like you. What I would do to a girl like you." He hissed out and watched her light green eyes fill with fear.

His eyes flickered down to her lips as she bit her bottom lip slowly. He clenched his jaw as his body ignited and a growl of dominance threatened to bubble up.

Yeah she can't be doing that.

"Stop." He grumbled out lustfully and his eyes flicked back up to hers.

She flinched a little and her eyes widened, "what?" She looked down at herself to see if she was doing anything wrong.

"..don't bite your lip." He sighed and shook his head calming his urges down, "basically what it boils down to is you can never live your life again. I cant let you leave here alive. And the reason you are alive is because...well to put it in simplest terms I want you. My body craves for you and I can't help but find it more and more difficult to keep my hands off you." He dropped his voice in a coarse tone.

"I was drawn to you from the moment I laid my eyes on you." He didn't sound like he fully understood it either but he was certain.

"I want you." His eyes narrowed at her as she blushed a deep red, "and I get what I want."

"I want you to be my submissive, or you can choose for me to finish what I was paid to do. It's pretty simple really." She tried not to shiver as the abruptness of his request.

"Can you...explain more about what being your submissive means...?" She asks wide eyed and shyly. His talk about wanting to fuck her causing all this fluster and shakiness.

He sighed and leaned back in his chair staring at her intently, "basically you allow me to control you. You submit over to me and follow my every command. You conform to my orders and please me. You become obedient, follow all my rules, and I take care of you." He said simply holding her eye contact which she started to become a flushed squirming mess under.

She broke her gaze from his and looked at her lap. "Well I don't really have much of choice, I don't want to die..."

She bit her lip before quickly dropping it and looking up at him.

Archer sat in the chair leaning against his hand looking at her with his hard narrowed gaze.

He wanted to understand what was swirling around in that pretty little head of hers. Archer's brain was definitely not normal, his thoughts and ideas were fueled by the voices in his head.

His eyes racked over her face looking at her button nice and smooth soft lips. Her green eyes where light and full of a certain glint that seemed to make Donavan smile all the time. But they also sometimes grew dark, almost gray looking when she thought no one was looking.

She was peculiar.

Violet took a deep breath and nodded, "okay. Okay, I'll be your submissive."


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