25| Her Heart Gilded in Gold

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____________________________________Violet knew exactly what she was in for as she stared into his hungry green eyes

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Violet knew exactly what she was in for as she stared into his hungry green eyes. The lust in his hues seemed to spill out and seep into her body making her hot all over.

She parted her lips and let out a breathy moan as he signaled her over. Her body reacted to his command before her mind did. Her anger and resentment towards him was pushed to the back of her mind right now, only her lust and desire was burning bright.

She slowly got up from the table and walked the short distance over to him. Archer grabbed her waist and pulled her quickly into his body.

His possessive hands found her soft skin leaving tingling trails of electricity everywhere he touched Violet. It made her mind go blank and her head lean into the crook of his neck to meekly leave soft kisses begging for more of him.

He groaned and grabbed her hips pulling them into his own where she felt the firm press of his hard cock against her throbbing pussy.

"A-archer." She whispered out desperately while her hands raked over his muscular back. He moaned into her ear as her hips moved on his length.

"God, whenever you say my name like that-" He growled into her ear and grabbed her neck pushing her lips from his neck so he could see her face.

His dark intense eyes captured her gaze with dominance as he said, "all I want to do is watch you moan it over and over again.."

Violet blushed madly as his words and pushed her hips deeper into his eager to get closer to his lips but he held her away for a moment.

Archer smirked and slowly brought his lips to graze hers making violet whimper for him. "I crave you, and those lips. Your skin on my hands feels right, and electric. You're a storm and I can't help but get struck Violet." His words grazed across her lips like fire. She felt her heart beat quicken and her blood rush through her body like liquid gold. Gilding her heart.

How easily she could fall into these words as this feeling enveloped her. Archer Stark. The golden enigma that was him, wrapped in a silver package, begging her to get lost in his dark alluring forest. inviting yet absolutely terrifying.

His strong arms wrapped around her protectively, squeezing her slowly to his hard chest. She was so physically close to him, Archer was the closest Violet had ever gotten to any man. She hadn't even been on this level with her own husband.

Yet, emotionally Violet felt worlds away. And his own words echoed back in her head.

"The only reason you're still breathing right now is because I want to fuck you."

It made her body go cold and the anger she felt not so long ago slowly start to seep through the cracks in her armor replacing the warmth.

Violet pushed away from Archer looking up into his eyes with a fierce look, "No, don't do that." She put a hand on her heart and calmed the way it thumped around him.

"Excuse me?" He challenged, his own glare carving sharp edges in the air.

"Don't treat me like an object one second than say stuff like that the next. Like you side, I'm here for your pleasure, not for you to mess with my emotions whenever you want." Violet said assertively, which was quite rare for her. Her raw emotions fueled her confidence.

Archer was a bit stunned for a moment, for once he looked rendered silent. It didn't last long because he shook it off and replaced it with an menacing look.

"What the fuck do you mean?" He spoke finally his eyebrows knitting together. She could tell he didn't like her sudden defiance. But she was done.

"You're a smart guy. If you want to fuck I'll be upstairs in my room. I mean, that's what I'm alive for right?"  Violet said assertively. Her voice was venomous but laced in blue sadness. She turned around and walked out of the kitchen leaving him standing there.


Violet stormed off up into her room, she had never been this frustrated and angry with another person before. She wanted to choke the living shit out of him, how was one person so incapable of understanding emotions.

Violet wasn't a violent person at all, but in this moment the urge to grab and throw multiple glass objects at Archers head was taking over.

Violet sat down on her bed hard and looked around her room with knitted eyebrows.

She hadn't really thought this far, and now didn't know what she was gonna do. She was still fuming but added on to that she was hungry and horny.

She looked at up at her closet door and saw a beautiful pair of purple lingerie that sparked something in her.

"What the hell I might as well be angry and look hot." She said to herself and got up off her bed putting on the gorgeous lace set.

It was mostly royal purple with some black lace details over the bra and panties. It screamed power and sex, and well, she loved it.

Violets thought process was 'maybe it'll even calm me down a bit to feel myself'. And it was also equally her excuse to simply try it on.

Once she had on the set on, she clipped on the black garter belt and black pentagram harness over her breast.

Violet huffed and took her hair out of the bun it was in, letting her golden locks cascade down her shoulders naturally falling around her face. She walked over to her mirror and smirked to herself.

"If I'm a walking sex toy to you, might as well look the part huh, Archer."

Violet ran her hands slowly down her side turning her body in flattering angels when she heard a sound behind her.


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