31| Her Day Before The Race

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___________________________________Violet was downstairs in the kitchen making some food for her and Donavan who sat at the table

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Violet was downstairs in the kitchen making some food for her and Donavan who sat at the table.

She flipped some bacon in the pan and turned down the heat slightly before looking up at the older man. Her mind was a flurry of emotion as she wrapped her brain around Archer's past.

"Did you know about all that? The stuff with Archer." She asked biting her bottom lip.

She tried to ignore how terrible she felt thinking about it. How badly she wanted to hold Archer and comfort him, take away the bad memories for him.

Donavan thought she was kidding around when she told him she knew.

Violet took a breath, but this was good. She finally felt like she could understand Archer. Like she could feel some sympathy for him rather than contempt and confusion.

At least enough to be there for him when he wanted change.

She didn't feel so breathless, finally for once, she didn't feel absolutely helpless when she cared so deeply for him.

Donavan nodded simply and took a long sip from his coffee, "Archer is damaged. I've known him since he was a teen boy in and out of foster care and juvenile centers until he stumbled into my care. I was a foster parent at the time, Oksana, my wife I told you about had passed a year prior to Archer joining my care. She was the one who wanted to become foster parents. I couldn't have kids...and my word did that woman love children." He smiled brightly at the mention of her name. His whole eyes glimmering with a type of adoration Violet never received from her own husband.

But the feeling that welled in her chest reminded her of how it felt to be wrapped up in Archers arms. The feeling brought a welcoming shiver down her back that brought a soft smile to her own face.

"Instead of trying to "fix" him like all of his other foster parents and therapist, I tried to be his friend like Oksana did. And be his friend I did." Donavan spoke evenly, his face unchanging and kind as if the memories were fond.

"But how did you end up here? Being Archer's right hand man?" She asked as she brought the plates of food over to the table.

Suddenly Donavan's usually happy and content eyes grew darker, he looked down into his cup but they seemed as if they were looking through the world.

"Oksana was married to a cruel man before me, he was apart of the Russian mafia and he was terrible to her. Beat her, yelled at her...and she fled here to America and met me. Things were good for a while...till her husband found her and-" The old mans voice caught in his throat as tears welled in his eyes and he stopped.

Violet frowned and put a hand over his lovingly, her heart beating with his, feeling the sadness that overwhelmed him as he felt it.

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