7| His Pleasure

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~mature content warning~

——————————————————Violet stood up slowly and licked her bottom lip

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Violet stood up slowly and licked her bottom lip. Archer watched her tongue move over her lips and he growled softly before grabbing her face and kissing her fast and hungrily.

His lips craved to taste hers. He loved feeling her body tremble with fear and pleasure against his own. He tasted her lips roughly biting her lower lip making her moan and push her hips into his.

He abruptly grabbed her and tossed her onto the bed. She gasped and sat down on the edge. He walked over to her and ripped her delicate crop top in half leaving her in a tempting black bra.

She squeaked and squeezed her legs together sitting on the edge of the bed. He stared deeply into her eyes as he cupped her cheek and ran a thumb over her lips.

She whimpered gently and closed her eyes leaning into his touch submissively.

He chuckled and slid his hand down to her neck gripping it. Her eyes shot open and a red blush fanned over her cheeks as she moaned.

"You're my little slut." He groaned leaning his lips against hers. She nodded weakly and rubbing her legs together eagerly.

"Say it."

She moaned and reached forward for his cock obviously needing it. He growled and tightened his grip around her neck making her squeal before she could. "Say it." He growled out, his voice scary and cold.

"I'm your little slut." She gasped out

He gave a satisfied groaned and pushed her back on the bed as he walked off to the closet.

He looked around for a moment before grabbing a two pairs of real metal handcuffs and a strong vibrator. He walked back over to her vulnerable bodice and smirked.

She eyed the handcuffs wearily, obviously intimidated.

As she should be.

He looked down at her chest as it rose and fell quickly. "Scared?" He narrowed his eyes at her and moved the cuffs over slowly in his hands. He watched as each clink of the metal made her body twitch with anticipation.

She didn't answer, he chuckled darker and ran the cold cuffs over her exposed chest watching as she gasped softly and arched her back, "don't be scared."He leaned forward and whispered into her ear before he bit her ear lobe and dragged his lips down he side of her neck.

She whimpered out his name weakly and itched her legs together. She was so vulnerable and helpless already and he barely did anything.

She was the perfect sub. His gaze and voice alone made her weak.

He chuckled and clicked the cuff around her one wrist before attaching the other cuff to the bed frame. Archer did the same to her other hand and when he was done he yanked on one making sure it was secure.

Her wide eyes stared into his narrowed ones and she swallowed hard. He leaned down and planted kissed over her breasts before reaching back and un-clasping her bra. He ripped the straps throwing it off her body.

She panted and looked up at him with lusty eyes and a blush on her soft cheeks. Her blond hair fanned out around her and Archer wanted noting more than to make her submit to him.

So that's exactly what he was going to do.

He grazed his lips against hers as he turned on the Vibrator. She gasped against his lips and looked into his eyes. He lowered it down on her pussy and she let out a breathy moan digging her legs deeper into the bed.

He watched her lustfully and turned it up on the second notch moving it over her sensitive clit. She yelped and panted moving her hips around on it.

She wouldn't be enjoying it for much longer.

He turned it up once more as he let his hands roam around her body. He pinched her hard nipples and kneaded her supple full breasts.

She moaned and closed her eyes leaning her head back. She arched her back and spread her legs ready to have her orgasm.

He smirked and right when she was about to cum he turned it off and pulled it away. She panted and whimper squeezing her thighs together.

"S-sir." She moaned out and pulled down softly on the cuffs.

He narrowed his eyes at her and gave her moment for her climax to die out before he returned the vibrator too her pussy.

He turned it on full making her buck her hips and move them so he didn't put it directly on her clit. He growled and pinned her squirming hips down as he pushed it against her clit. She yanked on the cuffs and yelled out a moan as she arched her back hard about to cum.

He turned it off abruptly leaving her in a lustful frenzy. She cried out, her womanhood a wet dripping eager mess for relief.

"p-please." She whimpered out weakly.

He rubbed his fingers against her swollen throbbing clit. His own cock throbbed for her. But watching her lay here, helpless and weak, was pleasing him more than she knew.

He put the vibrator back on her pussy and pushed it roughly against her. He groaned deeply, "god look at you begging already. You're such a needy little slut. Tell me how much you want to cum."

She moaned and moved her hips on the soft vibrator her climax building up yet again. She panted and let out needy eager moans.

"P-please I need it! Let me cum sir. Ah!" She moaned out as she was about to reach her climax but he turned it off again.

She cried out and yanked on the cuffs. She tried squeezing her thighs together but he roughly pulled them apart moving before her legs.

"Are you on the pill?" He growled out.

She nodded weakly and he watched her look up at him with pure lust on her face. Her eyes were glazed over with desire and her lips were parted as her hot tongue poked out.

He groaned and slammed his cock inside of her tight and wet entrance. He moaned at how tight she was as she let out a sharp moan from how big he was.

He filled her up not waiting at all as he pushed his whole length inside her. He swirled his hips making her yelp and arch her back. He knew this probably hurt her.

But he could also tell she was secretly enjoying this.

He started pumping his cock inside of her. After a while of her tight walls wrapped around his length she pulled hard on the cuffs.

"S-sir can I cum." She panted out. Her pussy was as wet dripping mess from how he fucked her out. Her cheeks where red and her lips were wet from his rough kisses.

"After me" he moaned out as he stared thrusting his cock harder and faster inside of her.

She let out a scream of lust and arched her back. Archer pushed himself deep inside of her and cane hard and fast releasing his load inside of her.

Her tongue fell from her mouth and small smile of sweet ecstasy broke on her lips as he released inside of her. She let out a loud moan as she followed him and came finally.

He pulled out of her and stepped off the bed admiring how she looked.

She came down from her high panting hard as his cum dripped from her sweet womanhood. Her face was weak and helpless and totally submissive to him as she stared obediently into his hard dominant gaze.

Her legs twitched slightly as her arms laid weakly on the bed.

He smirked and panted.

She is definitely submitted.


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