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One-shots and story outlines by KeepKalmWriteOn
One-shots and story outlinesby Bravo-012 the Bold
From wholesome romantic confessions to action-filled interactions, I stand here today to bring the world of Transformers fans their fix of one-shots. Of course, be weary...
Miss Olsen  by lizziestan2004
Miss Olsen by lizziestan2004
Jennifer is starting her senior year in college. She is smart, careful and a bit uptight. Her friends scarlett and brie somehow managed to get her out clubbing before sc...
The Guy, The Girl and The Boxing Ring by myescape232
The Guy, The Girl and The Boxing R...by Anonymouslove
#1 in the boxing ring series
Finntaine by FairyDog123
Finntaineby Fred Polister
Fontaine left her family, the Aronex, and the ocean, to experience the ups and downs of school and make new friends. She now lives with her aunt Amy, and goes to 'Darlin...
My first time getting high by ilikewillsmith
My first time getting highby Imsocool
This is (probably) a detailed account of my first time buying, and smoking weed. 18+ and whatnot idgaf do what u want
Pups Save Ryder's Birthday Surprise [COMPLETED] by PawPatrolOnly
Pups Save Ryder's Birthday Surpris...by PAW Patrol Team
It is Ryder's Birthday and the pups are preparing the party for their beloved owner. But when he gets kidnapped by someone, the pups have to take action by themselves wi...
LOLA GETS by WildNightWind13
LOLA GETSby WildNightWind13
Pursuing any powerful man's daughter is a challenge, especially if one is a known womanizer who comes under the sway of a young lady who happens to be the daughter of a...
•Boyfriend 21+ oneshot• Risky by DeborahvanMeel
•Boyfriend 21+ oneshot• Riskyby Love_Fanfictions✔
•Boyfriend 21+ oneshot• Risky {English}
I Need A Map, Sir by shannonwoodhouse
I Need A Map, Sirby Shannon Rose Woodhouse
Sofia's geography skills are the only thing other than her attitude that lets her down, when her journalism teacher Mr Frank sets her up for extra lessons with geography...
My teachers obsession  by mnm090401
My teachers obsession by mnm090401
Brielle, just a normal student at Kingsley High until the new English teacher starts getting a little close to her. She has to figure out whether to take a risk or turn...
high on life by sooshanoodel
high on lifeby greenpoopyhead
bewitched and horrific, wylan and rowan were never meant to be. the daughter of a well-known trader, rowan lantsov has never felt safe. separated from her father, and co...
Attack on titans smut- fem reader !! by mikasas_bestie_
Attack on titans smut- fem reader...by mikasas_bestie_
Literally just smuts with the male characters in the story like eren Jean armin yk the rest <3😫😫
Single But Taken ! ❤️‍🩹 by KoushikiG
Single But Taken ! ❤️‍🩹by KoushikiGanguly
A story based on true incidents of two strangers whose relationship builds completely on trust issues slowly and gradually changing into something much more than what th...
Courtroom Trial by BeshiBear
Courtroom Trialby BeshiBear
The time where I broke my promise and got myself into big trouble...
The Return of Shantae by Kanadzuchi
The Return of Shantaeby Kanadzuchi
The legend of the half-genie is well known, she was a beautiful desert flower with a mighty spirit of a hero and magics that will make the masses fall in love with her...
Sonic and the Half Genie Hero Re:Magic by JohnathonGillman
Sonic and the Half Genie Hero Re:M...by Sonic2001
This is a rewrite of that Sonic meets Shantae story I didn't finish and no this is not a ship fanfic if you want to see a love story between Sonic and Shantae go and loo...
A Hot Night in December (boyxboy) by HoneyCoated
A Hot Night in December (boyxboy)by HoneyCoated
WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT. Heated to the core! This is a hot oneshot about a couple of boys who know how to stay warm when the power goes out. ;)
Hot Nurse by zenny1403
Hot Nurseby zenny1403
This is the last kind of treatment you'd expect after a long day..;)
All Grown Up now by enkindledwriter
All Grown Up nowby My_Everything
Breyana struggles growing up without her father and her drug crazed mother. So she attempts to run away, but bumps into one of her father's old workers; Brandon. Brandon...
Together by StrangeBlob
Togetherby mythicalthing
Bullets and romance don't blend well. __ If a split-second moment can rip two people apart, it can surely bring them back together. But this time, two kidnappers, two ot...