21| Her first blood bath

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~mature content warning~


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Violet rode this man like a horse, his large hands gripped her soft hips roughly leaving red marks when he finally moved them.

She rocked back and fourth while bouncing on his cock, her face blushed red with ecstasy as the pleasure rolled through her.

Her breathy moans filled the small tent making the whole place hot, their bodies moving together glistening with sweat as they went through their second round.

He pounded inside of her, Violet could feel every inch of his massive length stroke her. She screamed out a moan as Archer pulled the back of her neck down to his face.

His lips grazed her puffy pink ones and moaned out, "yes baby, just like that. Ride me."

"Oh god yes, I'm close." She moaned out as she put her hands on his hard chest grinding her hips down hard.

He grunted and came with her, Violet felt his hot cum fill her up and she moaned rolling her hips slowly on him.

Wow these condoms feel like there not even there, she thought.

"Come here." Archer murmured in his husky voice.

She sighed and got off of top of him and moved down next to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her small frame and pulled her in close to him, letting the thin sheet fall lazily on them.

She took a deep breath, the smell of his shampoo and fresh forest filling her nose made her bubbly with sleep. His hand found the small of her back and rubbed small circles as he pressed his nose into her hair.

The moment was perfectly intimate yet equally terrifying, she felt her heart beat stronger when he was touching her. Yet she wished there was a pill to numb it, she couldn't go falling for someone barely mentally stable.

That just wasn't sane on her part.

But here she was tangled in this dangerous mans arms, completely naked with the birds chirping and morning dew still fresh on the leaves.

His arms tightened around her and he sighed comfortably, she felt a faint kiss planted on the top of her head that sprouted a wave of butterflies through her stomach.

The feeling not welcomed, but she could've stayed like this forever.

Of course forever didn't last long when his phone blared out.

She jumped at the loud sound as Archer sat up groaning and searching for his phone.

He picked it up and held it to his ear, Violet just sat and watched cluelessly as the voice on the other side of the phone made Archers face grow stern and cold with anger.

"Never even showed up?" He said into the phone.

And that was all he said before he hung up and looked at her, "hurry and get dressed, I want you in the car and I don't wanna have to wait. I have to leave."

He grabbed his boxers and got up getting dressed quickly.

Violet knew better then to dilly-dally, she was up and ready even before he was.

(Gore warning)

The suspense was eating Violet alive.

Archer looked like he was about to kill the next person he spoke to, his eyes glued to the road and his hand were gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were white.

She sucked in a breath and slowly put a hand on his shoulder, "hey are you okay?"

He looked at her briefly with a surprised expression, almost as if he forgot she was in the car.

His shoulder softened and he sighed, "yeah yeah I'm fine, don't worry about it kitten."

He eased back and put a hand on her inner thigh as he drove which made her second heart start to beat.


When they pulled into the long driveway to Archers estate, something immediately felt off. She couldn't put her finger on it because nothing looked out of the ordinary, but there was an eerie growl in the wind that gave Violet chills.

She had a feeling Archer felt it to.

"Who's that?" She said and squinted as a black van appeared parked outside of the gate.

Archer didn't answer instead just kept pulling forward.

"I can't get around them, we are gonna have to walk up from here." He said his voice authoritative and slightly scary. Archer leaned over and slipped open the glove box pulling out a glock.


"Stay behind me, and be very quiet." He said with a nod before getting out of the car.

Violet let our a shaky breath and got out after him, doing exactly as he said and staying close behind as they approached the van.

He pulled his mask up and held his gun defensively. He signaled for her to stop following as he came up to windows, holding his gun up ready to shoot, he looked inside.

After a second he shrugged and lowered his gun slowly, "no ones in here...I think this is the car that was supposed to pick up the staff and bring them to new location...but there's no driver."

"Weird." Violet said wrapping her arms around her body.

"Yeah, very weird. C'mon I wanna see what's going on here and leave as soon as possible. I'm not getting a good feeling."

Archer punched in the key to the gate and the large metal bars creaked before opening slowly. She came up close to him and walked to the house.

Once they where at the door, archer typed in another code and the doors unlocked. He took a deep breath and swung open the doors.


Red everywhere. The color was on the walls, on the floors, on the stairs, and especially on the bodies decorating the white marble floor.

Archer stood there still as a statue with a emotionless face as he analyzed the mess, "well" he mumbled like someone had just spilled their water.

Violet on the other hand was struggling to not fall to her knees and vomit. There were about twenty people slaughtered in the main foyer.

Violet recognized some of them as the kitchen staff, others looks like cleaners, and the rest had their faces so smashed in she couldn't make out the gender.

Two shaky hands went to cover her gaping mouth as tears pooled into her eyes.

Her eyes flicked up to the back wall, the painting that was there was torn down and instead a message was written in oozing blood.

"Can't wait to see you at the Golden races, xx."

And underneath was a bleeding rose.


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