14| His Bonnie

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————————————————————Archer didn't know what it was

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Archer didn't know what it was. He was fine with leaving her home before, he didn't think twice about it. Now the primal urge to protect her almost came more naturally than his urge to kill.

Archer wanted Violet with him, that's all. There was nothing more about it. At least that's what he was telling himself.

He grumbled to himself and yanked a gun off the wall, he loaded it listening and grounding himself to the familiar sound of the metals clanking together as a bullet entered the chamber.

His stone gaze hardened and he set the gun on the table. He leaned over it, his hands on the table as he hung his head. He stared at it trying to keep his breathing even as he heard familiar gun shots sound in his head. One. Two. Three. His hand tightened after every shot and his eyes closed as a sour grimace took over his features.

The shots stopped. And following them was piercing scream. He flinched and whipped around once he heard the door open.

The anxiety and anger building in him melted away to lust and a warm feeling spreading through him when he looked Violet up and down slowly. The cold gun pressing into the folds of his mind didn't seem exist for a moment, all he was worried about was if he could sneak away with Violet for a moment while on the job.

He watched her cheeks flush a strawberry color, which only made him want to taste her more right now.

He groaned under his breath, "fuck baby, that dress looks so good on you. I mean..." he walked closer to her and trailed a hand down her side. "Look how it hugs these curves." He gripped her thigh sliding it quickly up his side, he whispered in her ear. "My curves."

He looked her in the eyes after he finally pried his gaze off her delicious body. Her gaze grew darker as he filled her green hues with the lust in his own. "I mean come on...you expect me to leave the house with you like this?" He brushed his lips against her and spoke softly like someone could hear, "all I want to do if rip this off that perfect little body of yours and fuck you till your begging me to stop."

Violet whimper her lips parting, she squeezed legs tighter around him. He could see how his words affected her. The needy lust-filled look was playing in her green eyes tempting him. He let out a hot breath wanting to take her so bad. He trailed his tongue along her lips, his knee sliding up between her leg lifting the dress as it went.

Her breathing starting to become heavier small moans escaping as she waited with anticipation.

"S-sir...." she moaned out wanting his touch badly.

He was about to bring his knee gently to her sweet pussy before he heard a knock at the door.

Donavan's voice sounded, "I don't mean to interrupt sir, but, your car is ready outside."

Archer growled closing his eyes, he opened them to meet her curious green gaze.

"We have to go."


Archer walked to the door opening it, he only paused briefly to glance over his shoulder sending her a sly look and a killer smirk. "The Dionysus casino."


Archer sat in the back of his limo with Violet sitting next to him. His eyes would drift over to her, nearly subconsciously, and catch her far off look.

He couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking about. He was so bad with other people's emotions, he could barely have conversations with Donny without getting extremely frustrated. His brain wasn't wired right. It wasn't wired for people, it was wired to kill them.

It never bothered him a day in his life that he couldn't feel empathy for others, that shut off years ago. But now, as he stared at her he wanted to. Archer wanted to know what she was thinking, feeling. He wanted to feel her.

He growled and and squeezed his eyes shut, he couldn't think like this. This is why only few people knew his identity, this is why he is the way he is, this is why everything happened.

Stupid human emotions. He didn't have time for it.

Violet is here for my pleasure, that's why she's alive. He thought to himself.

"Sir?" She leaned over and rested a hand on his shoulder, "is everything okay?"

"Fine" he growled out his features sharp like stone.

"Mr. stark, we're here." The driver said through the one way glass. Archer could see him but of course the man couldn't see Archer.

"Let's go." He spoke quickly as he lifted the black cloth mask over his mouth and nose. He opened the door and got out of the car. He fixed his jacket and ran a hand through his messy black hair before turning back to see Violet.

She got out of the car and walked over to him.

Archer couldn't keep his eyes off her. The sparkly dress hugged her body like a glove, her hips swaying enticing him like a puppy looking for a treat. His eyes traveled down her smooth legs and his mind wandered. Thinking of how he could hold that leg as he fucked her senseless. She pulled her white furry jacket together pushing her perfect breast together.

Shit. He was about to lose it.

"Yeah?" She smiled once she was next to him.

"What?" He fixed the look on his face into a glare.

"You're staring." She chuckled raising an eyebrow before realization danced across her feature. "Oh. Is someone's mind running to naughty places?" She pushed her body closer to him as she slid a hand down between them to his growing bulge.

"Watch yourself." He grumbled out and grabbed her hand.

"Aw boo." She pouted as he grabbed her hips and slammed her back into the car. People around them talked and laughed as they walked into the large casino, hardly paying them any attention.

Archer ignored her taunts, "Okay, when we go in there don't talk to anyone. Just sit on my lap and don't make eye contact with people. I need to draw out the Pit boss, he's my target."

"So we're gonna be like Bonnie and Clyde?" She said gently as he leaned closer to her face.

"Sure, minus you ever doing anything dangerous." He trailed his hand to the small of her back pulling her hips closer into his.

"How are you going to draw the boss out?" Violet whispered against his neck.

Archer smirked beneath his mask and leaned closer to her ear as he whispered.

"it's called counting cards, kitten."


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