6| Her Punishment

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~mature content warning~

——————————————————Violet sat in her bed and read her book, she was reading an erotic novel between a dom and his sub

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Violet sat in her bed and read her book, she was reading an erotic novel between a dom and his sub. It was interesting and provided a bit of light into her very...unique situation.

She laid down and read, her fingers playing with the bell and tag on her collar subconsciously.

She hummed gently and brushed her bangs to the side before tucking a strand of her golden locks behind her ear.

She eventually got bored of the book and scooted off her bed going over to the large full body mirror leaning against her wall.

She looked at her cute high waisted pink skirt and black crop top. She turned around and looked over her shoulder at herself in the mirror and saw how the skirt barely covered her ass.

Which normally wasn't a huge deal but now she was wearing no panties and could flash poor Donavan at the slightest turn.

She ran a hand over her ass smoothing the pink fabric down.

She jumped and squealed a little when she heard her door opening.

She ran over to her bed and threw a pillow over her erotic book. She sat down with a frantic smile looking at Archer. She hoped he couldn't hear her quick heart beat or see the guilt in her eyes.

As soon as he walked in his eyes narrowed at her stiff posture and floaty eyes, "what are you up to..." he asked causally not leaking any emotion into his voice or eyes.

"Uh you know...hanging out." She tried desperately to keep her voice even but she was terrible at lying and having him find out she was trying to read up on being a submissive was so embarrassing.

She blushed simultaneously at the thought and her lip quivered to be bitten.

Damn her and her habits.

She gripped the sheets and struggled to hold his intense gaze.

"Chilling? Chilling and doing what." He questioned as he rolled up the sleeves to his white button up. She looked at his veiny muscular arms and she cursed her body for reacting to the slightest things.

She racked her brain for an excuse. "I was looking at my outfit!" She smiled confidently. That wasn't technically a lie.

"You were doing that for three hours while I was out?" He raised an eyebrow and his glare grew sinister.

She whimper and backed up trying to hide the pillow behind her. He totally knew she was lying.

"You're lying. What's under that pillow." He stood up and advanced towards her.

She gulped and laid back down over the pillow looking up at him with wide fearful eyes, "n-nothing! I was taking a nap before." She smiled trying for an innocent one but her body was shaking.

A part of her was curious and hungry to see what he would do to her.

He ignore her. He grabbed her and yanked her roughly to the side off the pillow. He knocked the pillow on the ground and picked up the book.

He growled and turned to her holding it up after he read the title. She bit her lip nervously not thinking about it and leaned against the pillows lifting her feet slightly.

"I read people better than a fucking therapist Violet, Im a human lie detector. Lying to me is the most pointless thing you could do. And you bit your lip..." He growled out and his nasty glare sent shivers down her spine.

"You're going to submit to me today Violet mark my fucking words. You're not leaving this room till I've absolutely broken you down." He walked over to Violet grabbed her picking her up off the bed and setting her on the floor roughly.

She whimpered and let out scared little squeaks but opted for keeping her mouth shut. She was already in the hole. And he was probably gonna he in hers soon.

He pushed her to her knees and she complied. He tilted her chin up so she was looking up into his dark hungry gaze. "I'm gonna fuck these perfect lips..." he growled out and ran his thumb over her lips.

She breathed out hard and parted them. His thumb started to tease the tip of her tongue before he slid his finger into her mouth.

She cooed and closed her lips over his thumb as he started to move it in her mouth.

He pulled it out after a moment, "take off my pants." He commanded and lifted his shirt slightly showing his v-line.

Did the gods themselves sculpt him? She thought as she ran her hand over his bulge before taking off his belt.

Violet pulled his pants and boxers down. She grabbed Archers thick length and started rubbing it slightly.

"Dry hands." He groaned and held his shirt up.

She blushed madly peeking up at him, "s-sorry." She mumbled against his tip before she lifted his cock and dragged her tongue up his length.

He growled obviously getting impatient he ran his fingers through her hair before gripping it and pushing her face down on his cock.

She muffled out a moan and closed her eyes. She wrapped her lips a bit tighter around his cock as he forced his length deeper down her throat.

He groaned and she winced pushing back on his hips. He released his grip on her head and let her pull back. She coughed a bit and wiped the drool that was dripping  down her lips.

He smirked and grabbed her chin.

"Keep going. Now." He growled and she whimpered squeezing her thighs together.

He grabbed a hold of all her hair holding it in a pony tail and pushed her back down his thick length. She struggled to take all of him down, he pushed her and she grabbed his hips wincing. She gagged slightly but he held her there groaning. He circled his hips slightly making her moan out a pool of wetness form between her legs.

She felt her hot sticky walls wrap around his cock to the point she could barely breath.

He growled yanked her head back.

She coughed and panted not even bothering with the drool. She stuck her tongue out and looked up at him weakly.

"Done?" She panted out.

"Not even close."


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