15| Her Badass Moment

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"Counting cards? So you're going to win a bunch until a couple of sketchy guys in suits come over and conveniently ask you to talk during a winning streak, like in the movies?" She says as they walked into the large casino. It was sparkling with thousands of lights, she watched as it drew people in with its enticing allure.

"Yeah, exactly like that." He spoke out in his deep voice.

People in sexy party clothes laughed and walked into the casino in groups. Violet noticed a bachelorette party prance inside giggling and chanting about how drunk they were going to get.

It struck a cord in Violet, reminding her of the situation she was in. Her husband, she assumed her husband because he covered up her death, wanted her dead, and the psychotic killer that was supposed to punch her ticket decided to keep her as his submissive.

Try making that a hallmark movie.

She could never have normal friends or go out in public without looking over her shoulder, her heart twisted and her eyes fell slightly at the thought.

Archers strong toned arms then tightened around her waist pulling her closer to his side protectively. The heavy feeling in her heart was replaced with warm butterflies as she remembered one other thing about being situation. Her killer was incredibly hot. And happened to make her forget with his hands...and other things.

She looked up at his stern face, her eyes tracing over his jawline and down to his piercing green hues. She bit her lip remembering how dark and dominate those eyes grew when he was alone with her. With his hands all over her delicate body, marking it up with his hot tongue, making her gasp and scream with his co-

"You okay?" He jerked her out of her sinful thoughts as his hard gaze connected with hers.

Her cheeks reddened quickly and she darted her gaze in front of her. She was almost happy he had a mask over his mouth because his smirk would've turned her to a puddle.

"Yup! Uh- just nervous I guess." As they walked towards the poker tables, he stopped and focused his hard stare on her.

She looked into his into intimidating green gaze gaze her and her heart started to race. She bit her tongue as heat spread to her lower section. Fuck why did one simple look turn her into a puddle of sin.

Violet was convinced this man was one of the seven
deadly sins. And that sin was lust. Definitely lust.

He backed her into the wall quickly, his arms went on both sides of hips pinning her back. She let out a little gasp and put hands on his chest as she let her eyes fall back on his.

"Don't be nervous. No one that's not me is touching you tonight. And if they do I'll personally make sure they never open their eyes again." He leaned down into her neck, he pulled his mask down once his face was concealed and trailed his lush hot lips around the skin on her neck.

The hickeys that we're hidden under color correct and foundation ached to to kissed and licked by him. She sighed and melted into his body rubbing her crotch against his impressive bulge.

"You're mine, and mine only." He whispered into her ear, his husky voice felt like butter through her ears.

He leaned away pulling his cloth mask back up his face over his nose. He shot her a quick wink as she saw his lips turn up into a smirk under his mask.

God, he was hot.

"C'mon babygirl I want to play roulette once." He snakes his hand around her waist pulling her along close to him.


"Yes! Oh, Sir, yes!"

Violet cheered clapping her hands together.

Archer was on a winning streak! She sat on his lap comfortable, her arms hanging loosely around his neck. She was truly a lap bunny. Sitting there looking pretty while she distracted the dealer slightly.

Everyone at the table was shooting daggers at the pair, and Violet couldn't have felt more badass.

She leaned into Archers neck her lips touching the exposed skin on his cheek as she whispered into his ear with a little giggle, "we really are Bonnie and Clyde." She sighed and dropped her voice lower into a sultry wistful voice. "how much longer I'm hungry for you."

His grip tighter on her inner thigh making her let out a gasp as her thoughts ran wild.

"Not much longer at all." He muttered as a couple guys cane over. They looked just as violet pictured, dark sunglasses, big suites, and muscular.

"Congratulations on you next big win sir, why don't you come with us to collect your winnings." They say calmly but their voices are cold and distant. It sent a wave of goose bumps over her skin.

Archer looked from them to her and whispered softly into her ear, "I'll be outside in twenty minutes. Stay. in. the. car." He instructed to her before setting her down and standing. She couldn't help but notice how he towered over those men.

Archers green eyes glanced over his shoulder noticing her worried expression. He lifted his mask down and shot her a wink and a casual smirk quickly before disappearing with those guys.


Violet sat in the back of the limo, nearly sick to her stomach. The idea that Archer was literally murdering someone right now equally terrified and worried her.

She bit her fingernail nervously waiting. She'd already bothered the driver so much with her questions he shut the window blocking her voice out.

She heard the door click before opening.


She let out a breath and watched him climb into the seat next to her, "Finch, let's go." He growls out.

Violet raised an eyebrow observing him. Something was off, Archer looked pale...and almost in shock. He grumbled and focused his eyes on the ground, he looked deep in thought, she almost felt like she was intruding on his thoughts. He growled and ran his fingers through his hair roughly cursing under his breath.

"Archer...are you okay. Did you get him?" She spoke softly trying to keep her voice even.

"Of course I did." He sighed before looking at her, she swore she saw his eyes soften and his shoulders relax as his dark green hues connected with her light ones. But she was probably making it up.

"Why do you seem so...tense. I mean more than usual."

She saw something flash across his face as the air in the car shifted. Was that worry? She sucked in a breath hoping she didn't upset him, Violet wanted to be inside his head so bad and know, just once, what he was thinking. He bit his lip hard before growling softly under his breath.

His gaze darkened, she recognized that lustful look, it brought shivers all across her body.

"Don't worry about it and come here. I've been fantasizing about fucking you all night, and I'm not waiting anymore."


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